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 I don’t know about ya’ll but being a stay at home mom is a full time job itself not including being a full time blogger, wife, referee, nurse, maid, cook and the list just goes on and on, so keeping up with things to do, doctor appointments, grocery lists, etc. is a task alone. In order for me to remember what I have to do I have to write it down. If it is not on a piece of paper or my calendar then I will not remember to do it. I was looking for ways to keep up with my things rather than writing them on a piece of paper and hoping it doesn’t get tossed in the trash or drew all over with one of the boys famous art works or overloading my poor calendar I use for blogging that fills up before the middle of the month with things I have to do I came across this site called Improvelectronics which features Boogie Boards LCD eWriters.

ewriter Boogie Boards LCD eWriters was founded by Improv Electronics in 2010. Improv Electronics founded Kent Displays, Inc. in 1993 and is the worlds leader in development, research and manufacturer for eWriters, smartcards, eReaders and electronic skins. . Boogie Boards LCD eWriter are eco-friendly electronic paperless writing or drawing products that features a pressure-sensitive Reflex LCD writing surface. All Reflex LCDs are flexible and reflect ambient light that produces an image. It uses no power to create an image and only a small amount that is powered by one sealed 3V watch battery that never needs to be replaced. 


Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to work with Boogie Boards LCD eWriters. I received the Boogie Boards Original 8.5 eWriter in white and thought wow this is very light weight and can easily fit in my purse if I needed to bring it along with me to run errands. The Boogie Board LCD eWriter is a neat product to use here at home, since the boys are just starting school I can write their schedules on the eWriter and hang on the refrigerator until we learn their schedules. The Boogie Board LCD eWriter came equipped with one stylus, the eWriter and four magnets.


I have been using Boogie Boards LCD eWriter for almost 2 weeks now and I can say I have used it for my grocery lists, boys school schedule and the boys entertainment when we are away from home. It is very easy to use even Eli who is three can operate by himself. He enjoys drawing on it while waiting in the car line for the boys to get out of school. The Boogie Board is just like writing on paper as the pressure of you writing creates a thickness based on how hard you push down. No more sticky notes, pieces of paper, or crowding my calendar with things I need to do. I simply write it on my Boogie Board and push one button when I need to erase it. This is a great product to use at home, school or even the office to keep up with things that would normally be written on paper, sticky notes or your calendar. I can even take in the grocery store with me and mark off my groceries as I shop, then when I am done shopping I can simply erase. Boogie Boards LCD eWriter should be a product in every home, office or school. The price of a Boogie Board LCD eWriter is very reasonably priced. 

There are two different Boogie Boards LCD eWriters to choose from; Boogie Board Original LCD eWriters and the Boogie Board Jot LCD eWriter. Improvelectronics will be releasing their new Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter coming this Christmas 2013.

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