Simple Southern Couponers had the pleasure working with Bona to review their Hardwood Floor Mop. Bona has been operating for over 90 years and consider themselves experts in hardwood renovation. Professionals have trusted Bona since 1919. They offer environmentally friendly products that give professional results.

bona01 The Hardwood Floor Mop is a wonderful product that works well on hardwood floors. It is simple to assemble and easy to use. The mop is similar to other products on the market, but with the Bona mop you receive a machine washable microfiber pad. This means that there is no need to shop for replacement pads which is great for your wallet and the environment.  The mop is safe for unwaxed, polyurethane finished hardwood floors. The design of the mop makes mopping a breeze.   My floors shined after one use because the special formula does not leave behind any residue.  The mop comes with one 33 ounce refillable cartridge. The refill cartridge was designed specifically for the Hardwood Floor Mop. When you run out of the cleaning solution you have a choice of purchasing another refill cartridge or refilling yourself. If you decided to refill the cartridge yourself, you can purchase the economy size cleaner that comes with 160 ounces of cleaning solution.  Their website offers helpful instructions on how to refill your cartridge, if you decide to refill on your own.  This mop is great that is easy to use and easy to clean.  And the cleaning solution doesn’t leave an odor behind like other products. Once, I finished mopping I popped the machine washable pad into the washing machine. Once cleaned, the pad came out like new.bonakit01bonakit02

I also received Bona’s Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads and Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate. The Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads are easy to use. Simply remove and unfold the pad, place on mop on top of white fastening strips, then mop away. The best part about the Wet Cleaning Pads are they are disposable. If you need to clean up a quick spill the Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads are great for just that. The Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate is formulated for any type of hard wood floors. It is coated with a clear, unwaxed finish and leaves no dulling residue. This product is wonderful and if you are looking for a great product for your hardwood floors this is it!


The Hardwood Floor Mop is available for $39.99 and the refill cartridge is $9.49.  Enter this Promo Code at check out to receive free shipping: BonaSSC. To see more about Bona visit their Website here

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Simply Southern Couponers is teaming up with Bona to offer one of our readers a chance to win their very own Hardwood Floor Mop. Giveaway is scheduled to start 12/3.

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