As a parent do you find yourself constantly checking the backseat while your children sleep to see their sleeping positions? I know sometimes I have to tell myself not to bother them because sleeping kids means a quiet trip, but their little heads are in an awkward position or so I think and I just want to move them. Its amazing what positions a child can sleep and not wake up complaining of their neck or back hurting. I have been constantly seeing these T.V. commercials and of course the boys always get my attention to watch when it comes on but there are these neat car ride pals that called SeatPets.
SeatPets were designed by a couple of moms and dad who wanted comfort for their children while riding in the car. 

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SeatPets are very easy to use for both parent and child. They are each equipped with very soft material, two pockets and a zipper pouch to hold just about anything the child may need while riding and are machine washable. These plush characters has six different designs to choose from such as a Dog, Ladybug, Cow, Lion, Monkey and a Cat. SeatPets have won several awards in 2012 and 2013 like the Creative Child Product of the Year in 2012, Kid’s Travel Product category Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products also in 2012, Best Vacation 2013 The National Parenting Center, Tillywig Sterling Fun in 2013 and won the Seal of Approval Winner in 2012 and 2013. SeatPets are perfect for ages 3 years of age or older.


Life of a Southern Mom was given the opportunity of reviewing a SeatPets character of choice on our site. With Eli being home all the time or always in the car heading to pick up the boys from school during his nap time or running errands he would have the most use out of a SeatPet. He chose Bentley the Dog to be his new car riding pal. When we received our package from SeatPets it included Bentley and a Backpack Strap so that Eli could not only carry him in the car but now he goes everywhere we go. Now we carry Bentley and his Blue (blanket) on our car rides. Bentley has two pockets and one zipper pouch that can hold toys, snacks, drinks or anything Eli wants to carry so he can play or eat while riding. I love SeatPets because not only are they very convenient for sleeping or resting on car rides, but no more reaching in the back seat to hand him his juice box, his snack or his little toys he insists on carrying with him. Installing Bentley in our car was very simple and only took a minute or so. I simply used the two Velcro straps on the back of Bentley and laid our seat belt strap against his back and attached it, secured safely and ready to ride. SeatPets are big enough to hold a bottle of water, games, ear buds and many other things your child wants to bring a long for the ride.

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SeatPets can be purchased online for one low price of $19.99 plus $8.99 processing and handling but is totally worth every penny.

To see more about SeatPets and check out all their plush characters visit their website here.

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Simply Southern Couponers is ecstatic to announce SeatPets will be apart of our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide this year. We are so glad to have teamed up with an amazing company that has amazing products for children.

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