BeeBangled  is based in Palm Beach, Florida and is owned by a few friends who wanted to create a fun brand that was trendy but also at an affordable price. They wanted to create bangles that were simple, but could still be added to a dress and make it stand out. The bracelets from BeeBangled  can be stacked together to match your personal style!


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with BeeBangled  and I was so excited. I have really gotten into jewelry the past few months, and while I have a lot of necklaces I only have a few rings, and only 1 or 2 bracelets. I picked out the Audry bracelet and the Chelsea Bracelet in Arctic Mint. When I received my package each bangle was in its own little package and the packaging was so cute. If you plan on getting these as a gift they come in a cute gift wrapped package.


The Audry bracelet is very cute and playful, but at the same time it is sophisticated and makes a statement. It has a bow on it which is a Tiffany Blue and is so pretty. This bangle was inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it lives up to its name. I can wear this with a pair of pants and a plain shirt and add this cute bangle to it and it automatically dresses up my outfit in a very fun way.


The Chelsea Bracelet in Arctic Mint is gorgeous. The pictures do not do it justice. Its very elegant but at the same time it can be worn with a pair of shorts or with a maxi dress to dress it up. It is made out of epoxy and is a very pretty mint color. While it is a little chunky it is not heavy like it looks like it would be. This bangle looks very cute with a few gold bangles as well. The Chelsea Bracelet is on Living Social right now for only $17!!! Head over here to purchase it at this amazing price.

I loved reviewing these bangles and I can’t wait until Christmas time, when I will be ordering a few bangles from BeeBangled . If you would like to purchase your own bangles from BeeBangled  visit them here. They have bracelets for as low as $9 and a couple of their bangles are on sale.

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