Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Bebé PODPants on a review of their Light Weight Jersey pants. Bebé PODPants is a mother created invention to solve several parenting problems including laundry, lost socks, and keeping babies warm. They are a unique type of clothing that is intended to be worn on the legs from newborn through about 8 months. The first Bebé PODPants were created from an old t-shirt and the elastic from pajama pants. They have come a long way in the design and aesthetic appearance since then!


I received the Light Weight Jersey Bebé PODPants for review. The fabric is lighter than the traditional Bebé PODPants while still providing the same great convenience. As the weather is getting cooler, it’s time to start thinking about keeping little ones warm in their travels. I used to put socks on my baby when it was cold out. I thought this would help keep her feet warm as we drove around town. Unfortunately, she either wiggled around enough or figured out how to pull the socks off her feet. By the time we got anywhere she would have lost at least one sock, if not both. Then it was the hassle of trying to find the sock(s). On the floor, on the seat, in a cupholder, under her leg, wedged between the carseat and the seat, or even on the other side of the seat. Socks on infants are probably one of the worst ideas ever. Plus, they are so tiny that it is almost impossible not to lose them when doing laundry!

Enter my savior: Bebé PODPants. Not only do I not have to worry about socks, now I also don’t have to worry about putting on a pair of pants too! The design is simple but profound. It is a large sack with an elastic band at the top opening which keeps it from falling down. It also has what looks like a large button hole sewn half way down the pants. This opening allows the baby to wear them in a seat with a harness. Whether it be a carseat, baby swing, stroller, or bouncey seat, the buckle can easily fit through the Bebé PODPants.

bebe podpants seatbelt

I know there is a lot of concern about carseat safety, and rightly so. One that you hear a lot is that you should never add carseat products which are not approved by your seat’s manufacturer or it could void the warranty on your seat and more importantly could cause injury if in a collision. To be very clear, the Bebé PODPants are not something you are adding to your seat. They are an item of clothing that your baby is wearing. They do not impede the seat from functioning as it normally would. Just be sure that your baby is fastened in snugly according to the manufacture’s instructions and your baby can be both safe and warm!
bebe podpants carseat

Bebé PODPants are not just for travel. They can also be used as loungewear around the house, although they are not intended to be used for sleepwear. I was very surprised at the mobility that the Bebé PODPants allow. My daughter was wearing them and I set her on the floor, thinking she would become entangled in them or unable to manipulate her legs in them.

bebe podpants sit

This was not the case at all. She was actually able to get from a laying down to a sitting position and even crawl around while wearing them!

bebe podpants crawl

I also thought the design might prove inconvenient for carrying her on my hip, thinking that her legs would not be able to straddle my body. Again, this was not the case at all. The material is generous enough and slightly stretchy so that I was able to carry her as I normally would.

bebe podpants hip

As the weather gets cooler, you are going to be thinking more and more about keeping those little legs warm. Rather than buying dozens of socks (remember, you’ll have to buy more as their feet grow even if you manage not to lose them!) and several pants, you can buy one Bebé PODPants! I wish I had this when she was a tiny baby! This is a must have for any baby registry and would make the perfect holiday gift for an expecting parent or parent of any baby under 6 months old! To check out all of the colors, patterns and designs, visit Bebé PODPants here.

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bebe podpants

Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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