Being a mommy I would love to trim my mid section, especially now after having kids, but it cost way to much or things on the market just don’t work. I was excited to find Beauty Be Natural. They create safe and effective skin and body care solutions without having to have surgery. Beauty Be Natural only uses plants and minerals with knows qualities and use organic items when possible. You will never find any chemicals or preservatives in any of their products. They only use the highest quality and best ingredients they can find. Another great thing about Beauty Be Natural is that they do not test on animals!


Simply Southern Couponers received the Tummy Tight Kit. I was so happy when I received it. I have tried other wraps, but with them being only a one time use and only loosing an inch, it was kinda hard spending $30 on just one wrap. The Tummy Tight Kit is a non surgical Tummy Tightening Wrap that gets rid of back fat, muffin tops, and those love handles you dont want to see. The solution is made out of a proprietary mineral formula that contains green tea and other natural ingredients. I couldn’t wait to try this. You can do a wrap a day, you could even do 2 wraps a day. first I mix the solution (2 TBS in 2 cups of DISTILLED water) then soak the compression wrap in the solution. Then you wrap it around your tummy as tight as you can get it while its still comfy, and you wait 60 minutes. It comes with a little squirt bottle you can put the left over liquid in and keep pouring it on the wrap every 15-20 minutes to keep the wrap wet. Once your done you can wash and reuse, which is one of the things I loved most about this.


I did my first wrap on Monday. My waist measurements were:

Upper Waist: 39″ Waist 47″ Lower Waist 50″

After just one wrap:

Upper Waist 37″ Waist: 44″ Lower Waist 49.5″

After second wrap done 2 days later:

Upper Waist: 36″ Waist: 44″ Lower Waist: 48″

After third wrap done 2 days later:

Upper Waist: 34″ Waist 43″ Lower Waist: 46″

Just finished my 4th wrap, and while I did this wrap I walked:

Upper Waist: 32″ Waist: 40″ Lower Waist: 43″

beauty be natural

In just one week I lost 7″ off my waist and it is noticeable, my pants barely fit me anymore. Along with loosing the 7″ I have noticed I have also lost 2 lbs while doing this. I love this product!  I have done 4 wraps and I haven’t even used half of the solution, there is probably enough solution to do around 10 wraps!

If you want to purchase your own kit you can purchase it here for $110, while that may seem like a lot other wraps are sold for $30 and are one time use. To get 10 wraps with them would be $300 + they do not work as well.  To see the other tightening kits and other items Beauty Be Natural sells, visit them here.

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