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I recently had the opportunity to review BayB Bean Bag by BayB Brand, the bean bag seat for baby. BayB Bean Bag is a seat for newborns and developing toddler that keeps them secure and comfortable. The seat is prefilled and ready to use. Simply take you BayB Bean Bag out for the box and it’s ready for baby. The BayB Bean Bag is fully over locked and double stitched for security to make sure that no beans can escape.* The seat offers maximum comfort because the beans are free to move and get into every available space.* The bean bag seat is great for young children because it helps relieve acid reflux and gas as well as preventing the development of a flat head.*


My two year old immediately stole the BayB Bean Bag as soon as I took it out of the box. He loves it, and carries it all over the house. It is super light and portable. It can easily fit in a car to take with you on overnight trips and great for just laying around the home while you get some chores done.

The seat comes with a removable top lining for easy cleaning. It simple unzips and is ready for the wash. The cover is ultra-soft and so is the safety strap. To place baby comfy and securely in the seat you have to mess with the chair a bit. The chair is great for newborns and toddler who don’t have to be strapped in. If the child is able to roll over there is the possibility that the seat could tip over.  Overall, the BayB Bean Bag is an enjoyable seat for baby and toddler.


The BayB Bean Bag is available on On they offer a large variety of colors and patterns. The BayB Bean Bag is currently on sale for $69.99.

To learn more about BayB Brands visit here.

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