Barney: Imagine With Barney DVD Review

Barney: Imagine With barney


Come along for an imagination extravaganza! Join Barney and his friends as they use their imaginations to visit places near and far and explore their creativity through drawing, song and dance! The dinos explore a tropical island paradise when they bring a painting to life and go for a ride when they build their very own bus and airplane using imagination and teamwork! The dinos always know how to have a tee-rific time with creativity and good friends!

Episodes include:

~ “Imagine That!”

~ “Seeing”

~ “Let Your Creativity Fly!”

~ “Let’s Go For A Ride!”

DVD Bonus Features 

~ Exclusive ALL-NEW game – Imagination Vacation

~ “If I Lived Under the Sea” Karaoke music video

~ “I Hear Music Everywhere” Music video

DVD Information

Age Target ~ 1-4 years old

Feature Running Time ~ 76 minutes

BarneyDancewithBarneyScreen (1)

I grew up watching Barney, even sung the theme song when I auditioned for a play, so I couldn’t wait to watch this with my little girls. From the moment I turned it on, for a whole hour the girls sat down and watched it. We don’t get Barney where we live with our cable, it’s not even available through On Demand. They have never watched Barney and I am not sure who was more excited, me or them! Since we watched it yesterday morning they have requested to watch it 3 more times and want to play “imagination”. 


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Purchase your own Barney: Imagine With Barney and your let Barney inspire your kids with imagination and creativity. 


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