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Barbie is a huge iconic figure for girls and women alike. Can you believe Barbie has been around since 1959, when Ruth Handler decided to bring her vision of a doll to life. When Barbie first debuted, she wore her famous black and white striped swimsuit with a 60’s high ponytail. Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has worked with more than 75 different fashion designers and has served as an inspiration to more than 150 famous designers.


Life of a Southern Mom had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Barbie and review a little something from one of her 150 careers. Since I can remember, I have always loved Barbie, and it has been the same with my two little girls. My oldest, Aubreigh, and Barbie even share a birthday (March 9th). Having 2 girls in the house, we own every Barbie DVD known, as well as a very nice collection of Barbies and accessories. We received the Barbie Hug ‘N Heal Pet Doctor with the White and Brown Beagle. The girls were beyond happy to receive this puppy. They were actually looking at it the day before at Walmart, so I knew this was going to be the perfect addition to their growing Barbie collection.

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The Barbie Hug ‘N Heal Pet Doctor set comes with an eight piece doctor’s kit which includes a cloth tissue, thermometer, feeding bottle, treat, stethoscope, and a syringe. All of these tools have a special place in the included carrying case. The carrying case is big enough that the little puppy can also carry the puppy around, so she can travel everywhere with your kids.

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The puppy itself is interactive. The puppy is sick and your little one must help him get back to being healthy. When they puppy sneezes, you got to wipe his little red nose with the included tissue, and his nose will get all better. The puppy has many sensors so you can pet him and feed him. His paw “converts” from a cast back to a regular paw as well.

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If your little one doesn’t already have this in their collection, I highly suggest getting it. My girls have played with it everyday, and Aubreigh even took it to show and tell at school. The Barbie Hug ‘N Heal Pet Doctor will give your little ones hours and hours of fun.

If you would like to purchase your own Barbie Hug ‘N Heal Pet Doctor, they are available at many stores across the nation as well as online. Target has a wide selection of puppies for only $29.99.

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