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Banded was founded in Nashville, TN. Banded is focused on the idea that we can make products that are fun, comfortable and innovative and help people in need at the same time. Banded is a no-slip headband with a velvet backing so it won’t slip off no matter what you are doing. They also will not damage your hair or pull it out. The Opti-Size technology allows the headband to fit all customers more comfortably. The elastic assembly allows for the headband to fit tighter on a smaller head and roomier on a larger head.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review the Zebra Headband and the Yellow Butterflies. Both of my girls are very girly and love wearing headbands and bows. Sadly a lot of the headbands that are cute are way too big for my girls or the elastic part will pull out their hair or they are so tight they end up giving one of my girls a headache.  As soon as the package came (Banded has VERY fast shipping, confirmed the review on 5/1 and the package was in my mailbox 5/4) my girls couldn’t wait to try them on. Aubreigh has taken after my style and immediately reached for the Zebra Headband. Kaylee is a wallflower and loves color so she grabbed the Yellow Butterflies. Even in their pajamies they looked cute in their bands. Kaylee does not have a lot of hair so its hard to find anything that will stay in her hair for long periods of time. The Yellow Butterflies Headband lasted all day; running around, playing, jump rope, and tire swinging. There are a ton of different ways these headbands can be worn and I can’t wait to try them all out with my girls.


Banded Headbands can be worn by a 2 1/2 year old all the way up to adults. They are a fast and easy way to dress up any outfit!

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“Banded™ has teamed up with Amazima Ministries to help their organization encourage, educate, and empower the vulnerable people in the country of Uganda. Your purchase of each Banded™ headband provides three meals for a child sponsored through Amazima. We’re banding together to make a difference.”


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