I am a Peppa Pig VIP Parent and I receive products to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed below are mine.peppa1School is under way for Eli who has loving Kindergarten. He is attending a new school with new friends and is doing great. I love to hear his stories everyday while on the way home telling us about the games they play in class, what his “girl” friend done that day all while comparing his brothers days and who seen who at school. Right before school started Eli received another fun-filled Back to School with Peppa Pig package. In our package Eli found the brand-new “Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip” DVD (complete with a free Scholastic mini book!), a copy of “Peppa’s Chalk ABCs” from Scholastic and the very awesome Peppa Pig School Construction Set from Jazwares!


I think by far this has been one of Eli’s most favorite packages because he got to build Peppa Pig’s School Construction Set, a movie to add to his collection that are called “his Peppa Pig movies” and Peppa’s Chalk ABC’s that he loves using with his brothers and us to show how he can write his letters. If he messes up he can easily erase the chalk and start over. The make of this book is genius! Andrew and Ty (Eli’s older brothers) read the mini book to Eli some times at night before bed as their bed time story when taking turns. peppa4

About: Peppa Pig is such a lovable piggy who lives with her Daddy, Mummy and little brother George. Peppa Pig episodes feature everyday activities for preschoolers to enjoy and can relate to. It also helps preschoolers emotional and social development  like expressing feelings and building self esteem. Visit Peppa Pig’s Website to find some of Peppa’s favorite games, printable coloring sheets, watch episodes and more. 

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*Life of a Southern Mom is a VIP Peppa Pig Parent and I receive products to review. All opinions are my own.*



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