Disclosure: I receive monetary compensation from General Mills in exchange of my endorsement of Box Tops For Education.

We are still on summer break here, but, that doesn’t mean my thoughts don’t drift to school several times a day. Especially during meal times when I see a box top for education on the packaging for our favorite snacks and foods. Kickoff the back-to-school season by stocking up on all of your favorite General Mills products at Sam’s Club and earn bonus Box Tops for your child’s school!

Box Tops for Education are such an easy way to make your kids school a better place. By purchasing your favorite products like Nature Valley granola bars, yummy cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms, or our go-to after-school snack of Totinos Pizza Rolls, you can help your earn cash for supplies and equipment.
All you have to do is stock up and clip the box top and send it back to school. Now is the perfect time to head into Sam’s Club and stock up on all of the things that help you feed your family during the school year rush.
Box Tops for Education at Sam's Club
Box Tops for Education at Sam's Club
Clipping box tops is a great way to get your kids involved in the process. It gives them a chance to let them improve their scissor and math skills, as they can count how much they are contributing to their school. It also teaches them that even though we buy it and they eat it, we still are giving back to a good cause which helps our school help the students. When you visit the Box Tops website they have fun collecting sheets that the kids can add their box tops to and send to the school.
Getting kids excited about collecting box tops is not hard at all! Our PTA hosts several incentives a year for the classes that collect the most box tops. Last year the boys could help their classes win a cookie and cocoa party around the holidays, a pizza party in the spring or a fun glow in the dark party at the end of the year.  The boys were immediately on board for collecting and clipping box tops!

Other ways to get the kids excited about giving Box Tops to their school could include:

  • A reward that can be earned after 50 box tops has been saved. A trip to the movies, a pack of Pokemon cards or even extra play time at the park are also great motivators.
  • Ask your school administrators what was purchased with box tops and show it to your children, the appeal of new playground equipment next year can really entice playful kids to get involved too!
  • Creating a cute box to store them in also makes it fun for kids. They will love to create a craft with you and fill it with box tops is like the icing on the cake for this craft idea.
No matter how many you save and send to school, know that every box top adds up to an amazing future for school children. Sam’s Club has all of your favorite products with Box Tops on the packaging at great prices. So be sure to stock up and save money and box tops for education!
Does your family clip box tops? If you have an idea for how to get the kids excited about saving the box tops and returning them to school I would love to hear about it in a comment!
For every 3 participating BTFE products purchased in a single transaction at Sam’s Club on or after 8/1/18, you can earn 100 Bonus Box Tops. To redeem offer, you will need to download the Box Tops Bonus App and scan your receipt with 3 participating BTFE products by 9/30/2018 or while supplies last. Maximum of $150,000 in Bonus Box Tops combined may be redeemed for Sam’s Club offer. Standard Data Rates May Apply. Learn more at www.SamsClub.com/BoxTops. Each box top is worth 10 cents to redeeming school when clipped from box tops products and sent to the redeeming school. Only BTFE registered schools can redeem box tops. Limit $20,000 per school per year for box tops redeemed through the clip program. See www.boxtopsforeducation.com for BTFE program details. © 2018 General Mills. All rights reserved.

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