Back to School Shopping: Helpful Tips

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It’s that time again, time to start school shopping. Buying school supplies is a very expensive task. Here are a few helpful tips to make school shopping a little easier

  • Shop End of Summer Sales – The kids will still wear short-sleeved shirts all year round, so why not wait until the beginning of fall to stock up?
  • Stick to the supply list – Even though that pencil pack is really adorable, it probably won’t be used this year. Stick to what is on the list and you will save tons.
  • Check Supermarket ads for the basics.
  • Host a Back To School Swap – swap out your gently used clothes, toys, and books and get some great stuff in return.
  • Ask when the department stores will mark down their items. – Most stores rotate their sale and mark down items, so finding out when they do this can score you some amazing deals.
  • Wait to get a few of the bigger things the week AFTER school starts – everything will be at least 50% off the week after school, maybe even more.
  • Take advantage of lay away – go ahead and put school supplies and all on lay away, most stores now offer free lay away and only pay anywhere from $3-$10 a month.
  • Shop outlet malls – amazing deals… amazing prices… enough said.
  • Shop your tax-free weekend – Check your stores for a list of items included in the tax-free and you would be surprised at what all will not be taxed.
  • Stick to the basic school supplies – Yeah that flashing pen is cool, but it will be a huge distraction to your kid and the other kids.
  • Watch store ads for specials – Every week or so you can catch folders for only 1¢!

If you have any other back to school tips, please leave us a comment. We love to hear from you. Be sure to check out all of our other Back to School articles. 

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