Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with BABYBJÖRN’s to review their New Baby Carrier We. BABYBJÖRN is a Swedish family own business that started in 1961. Their mission is to produce high quality, safe and innovative products to make life easier for parents. They offer an assortment of products like baby carriers, bouncers, cribs, high chairs and much more for children up to 3 years.


BABYBJÖRN just launched their newest carrier the Baby Carrier We. The Baby Carrier We features 3 front and back carrying position.  This ergonomic carrier is comfortable and can be used from years. The Baby Carrier We features a unique function that allows you to easily place your toddler on your back without assistance.


The Baby Carrier We is simple to use from day one and is suitable from infancy to 3 years. It is easy to put on and take off. The front part of the carrier opens up for easy access to your child. It also is easily adjustable to offer a true fit. Adjusting from your partners fit to yours couldn’t be easier, and the safety click will show you that you fasten the buckles correctly.* The main material on the carrier is 100% cotton to be kind to baby’s skin and safe to taste for little teethers.

The Baby Carrier We is perfect for newborns, and can be used from day one. The upright position keeps airways free which allows you to keep an eye on babies breathing. The carrier can be adjusted to offer the correct head and neck support that is very important from day one.  Once baby reaches 4 months (give or take) it is time to use the lower height position. The third carrying position, back carry, can be used from 12 months to 3 years.


I am a big fan of wearing baby. There are many benefits to wearing baby from convenience to helping aid in the development of your child. With my first child I didn’t use a carrier, but now with my second I don’t know what I would do with out it. I never leave home without one. I am a huge fan of BABYBJÖRN. I actually have the Baby Carrier Original, and love it. I was so excited to learn about their new carrier the Baby Carrier We. You know the saying, “Don’t mess with an original.”, that is not the case here. They out did themselves. I love how easy it is to get your toddler into the back carrier position.  You simply move the carrier from front to back while your toddler sits in the carrier and they are safe and secure.* ‘The shoulder straps remain on your body like a closed loop during the process.’  Cleaning the carrier is simple as well. This is very important since my 9 month old chews on everything. I am all about products that make my life simpler and this carrier does just that.  I am absolutely in love with the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier We and high recommend to anyone with children 3 and younger.

To learn more about BABYBJÖRN visit here.

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