Trends are always changing, sometimes more than you change underwear, and its always hard trying to keep up with the latest trends. Baby Items are the worst. Styles can change so quickly that a car seat you think is at the top of the list today, may not be there tomorrow.

When I had my oldest back in March of 2009, I really didn’t know too much about baby stuff. I went to the store and first purchased a crib (back then, the drop down cribs had not been recalled) while I was there I saw the cutest pale pink and green crib set. Everything I was getting was at the top of the trend list. When I delivered, I started noticing the new car seats available and I was thinking to myself, I really should have waited until a little closer to my due date to get her car seat and all.

Shortly after (about 10 months) I found out I was pregnant again, and sure enough it was a little girl. I decided I was gonna play it a little smarter this time. For her crib bedding, I picked out a very simple and elegant style, like this one, New Arrivals Inc Peace Love & Pink that you can find at Pish Posh Baby. Next was the daunting task of a car seat. I think this was the worst part of it all. In just one year so much had changed in the world of car seats, I don’t think Aubreighs was still safe for Kaylee to use.  I didn’t know if I should stick with the infant car seats or go ahead and get a convertible car seat. I went ahead and decided to go with the infant car seat. Next came which style, which brand, which features I wanted to go with. I ended up going with the Graco Snugride 22 Platinum. Aubreigh had just learned to walk, so we still needed to find a stroller that would fit them both. Did I want to go with a side by side stroller of front and back stroller. I had not earthly clue. Luckily Pish Posh Baby has a very hand list of the Top 10 Strollers, and when I noticed on the list the only double stroller on there was a front and back stroller, that’s what I went with. Of course we can’t forget the little divas first handbag!! I needed a huge one, since I was going to be carrying around stuff for two kids instead of just one. When shopping around for Aubreigh, there really wasn’t that big of a selection, so I felt like I had to settle on a bag. Only one year later that are hundreds of designs, and even some that look like a handbag I would carry. I really love the design of the Skip Hop Grand Central Bag. It was very stylish, and it still had enough run to carry everything I needed for the girls, and my wallet. I only needed to carry one bag!!

Trends are always changing. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time I am done writing this something new has come along. If there ever is another baby that comes along, I’m gonna be ready this time. As long as there is Pish Posh Baby I will be good to go.

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