Breastfeeding can be beautiful. It can be tender. It can be a special time for you and your baby. However, it can also be painful. It can be difficult. It can be leaky. While painful and difficult can be a challenge to overcome, leaking has a simple solution: nursing pads.

Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Nursing Bra Express to review their 100% cotton nursing pads by Baby Nip. Nursing Bra Express is a great site where you can find a variety of nursing gear from bras to nursing pads and even lactation cookies. In addition, on their website there are resources for breastfeeding support, nursing FAQs, tips, and even information about the laws regarding breastfeeding.


The Baby Nip nursing pads have a rounded shape that contours to your body. They have a similar look and feel to padded cups in a traditional bra. Because of this, they are very discrete and do not form a bulky and noticeable bulge underneath your clothing. Unlike some other contoured nursing pads, Baby Nip’s do not have a seam to form the contour. This prevents irritation and also reduces the bulkiness.

Nursing pads

Seamless, contoured shape

This is a great package because it comes with six pads (or three pairs). This means you can be wearing a pair, have a pair in the laundry and have a clean pair ready to go! At a price of $14 for six, this is a very affordable option and will save money in the long run over disposables.

I tested out the absorbency of these pads by adding a drop of water at a time into the same spot in the middle of the pad while wearing them. These pads were able to hold a ½ tsp liquid before becoming completely saturated in one spot and leaking through to clothing. Half a teaspoon is a good amount of liquid when you consider how much liquid you actually need to absorb at one time. These are great for daytime use where you can adjust and change them when needed (remember you have three sets!). However, these may not be the best option for overnight use if you have a heavy let down or a lot of overnight leaking.

I wore these all day and did not experience any leaking through to my clothes. Because they are such a familiar shape and texture, after putting them in, I did not notice them at all during the day. They are so easy to forget because they feel just like the inside of many bras. In addition, the trim fit and contoured shape made me feel comfortable about wearing a snug fitting top.

nursing pads discrete

No discernible edges or bulkiness even in a stretchy and snug top

If you are in search of a discrete nursing pad, Baby Nip from Nursing Bra Express has what you need. They are low profile, comfortable, and affordable. Don’t let leaking ruin your breastfeeding experience!

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