There is always someone on my holiday shopping list who needs a humorous or lighthearted gift. New parents, in particular, can become very easily overwhelmed as the holidays descend upon them and are usually in need of a reminder to smile and laugh once in a while. 


I have some criteria when it comes to buying funny gifts. 1) It has to make the person laugh or blush once they open it. 2) It has to have a use besides being a knick knack that just sits around. 3) It has to cost less than $20 because if any more than that and it just isn’t funny enough to be worth it. I am pleased to report that the Baby Nip hat meets all three of these criteria!

The Baby Nip is what is sometimes referred to as a “boobie beanie” or “nipple hat” and is typically used to create a laugh, embarrassment, or make a pointed statement about breastfeeding. This particular beanie is made from 100% cotton and is incredibly soft. It is actually so soft that my daughter, who will yank every single hat off of her head, actually left this one on while she played, long after the requisite time for me to snap some photos of her wearing it! To me, that says everything about the comfort of this hat.

baby nip hat play

From the front, this is a fairly innocuous hat. There are two color choices for the base of the hat: ivory and tan. On the front fold of the hat is the Baby Nip label and in smaller print underneath it has Nursing Bra Express. The top of the hat has a hand painted pink circle which contains a small loop of fabric at the center. When seen from the front only, I am not certain a person would necessarily know that this is a nipple hat.

baby nip hat front

However, when seen from a top down view, I think it becomes very obvious. I found it the most humorous to wear while nursing my baby, which is probably the point. I got a big kick out of my husband doing a double take while my daughter had it on one day. I am definitely giving a Baby Nip hat as a Christmas gift to my friend who is expecting her first!

baby nip hat in use

Anyhow, back to my criteria for a funny gift. Would this make your recipient laugh or blush? I’m going with an absolute yes on this one. Apparently, no matter how mundane and useful a purpose they serve, nipples and breasts are both entertaining and embarrassing material. Does this gift have a purpose other than sitting on your mantle collecting dust? Why, yes! It can keep your child’s head warm on these chilly winter days! Finally, does it cost less than $20? Indeed it does! At the time of this review, the Baby Nip hat retails for $12.00 at Nursing Bra Express.

baby nip hat side

Give the gift of humor this holiday season with a Baby Nip hat. Ideal recipients are new and expecting parents who could probably use a laugh by now. This would also make a good gift for a baby shower or in a welcome home from the hospital care package. Are there people in your life who just can’t get over you nursing in public? Get yourself a little gift and watch them squirm as your baby sports the Baby Nip hat in comfort. To get your Baby Nip hat, visit Nursing Bra Express here.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

baby nip hat

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