It seems that most children find security in one form or another of comfort object. For some it is a stuffed animal, an article of a parent’s clothing, a pillow, a binky or a blanket. While there is controversy as to how long children should be permitted to have these “lovies” and security items, it can give parents great relief and peace of mind that their children are able to soothe themselves without constant adult intervention.

One of these security items goes by many names and different styles are made by many companies and even work at home parents. You may have heard them called taggies, lovies, blankies, and any number of cutesie labels but they describe basically the same thing: a square of fabric with sensory strips sewn along the exterior.

Because there are so many different manufacturers, you may have a difficult time deciding which “taggie” is the right one for your child. Although I have received other blanket style lovies as gifts, none impressed me as much as the one from Baby Jack & Co.


Baby Jack & Co. identifies their product as a “sensory tab blanket” which, depending on your background, may sound like a very desirable product or may sound like a very clinical label. Let me assure those of you who find it overly clinical, that these blankets are designed with children in mind and are one of the safest in addition to being comforting and child friendly. One of the most unique differences between a lovie from Baby Jack & Co. and other taggies is that Baby Jack sews all ribbon attachments shut. After a personal family experience in which their son got a finger stuck in an open loop of ribbon, the founders of Baby Jack & Co. developed this special design to provide a safe experience for your own children.

While Baby Jack & Co. have a wide variety of colors and patterns for their sensory tab blankets, we received one that is extra special: the ABC 123 Sensory Educational Blanket.

baby jack point

One side is a bright, primary blue minky fabric. It is so soft that I can see how it would be easy to fall asleep while clutching it.

baby jack minky

The reverse side is a print of alphabet letters (A, B, and C), as well as numbers (1, 2, and 3), and shapes (circle, triangle, square). The letters, numbers, and shapes are all in the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow and some are in gray.

baby jack educational

The real highlight of the ABC 123 sensory educational blanket is the sensory tabs. Like the educational side of the blanket, the tabs come in red, blue, yellow, and gray. There are also wider tabs which have numbers, letters, and shapes on a white background. As mentioned previously, all of these tabs are sewn shut to prevent stuck fingers. Another feature that the tabs offer is that they are made from different textures. For some children, finding the perfect texture with their fingers can be quite soothing. For others, oral exploration allows them to experience the varied textures as well. However your child chooses to explore the world, this educational blanket can help meet those needs.

baby jack oral

The final feature of the ABC 123 Sensory Educational Blanket is the teething toy link. This can be used to attach to a teether for additional comfort. It can also be used to clip the lovie to a stroller or carrier to ensure it is always in reach of your little one.

So what does my little girl think of this ABC 123 sensory educational blanket? She not only likes to play with it by pointing to items that I label, she also uses it to play peek-a-boo, and to comfort her own baby doll.

baby jack doll

baby jack carry doll

After trying other taggie blankets, I would choose a Baby Jack & Co. for future comfort lovies. They are soft, safe, and even educational!

To see all of the patterns and styles that Baby Jack & Co. offers, visit their website here.

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