Baby Cool and Calm Cool Pack {{Review}}

Baby Cool and Calm

Baby Cool and Calm creates a cool pack which is packed with organic dried lavender and rice and is sewed with a soft flannel. When put in a freezer the rice becomes cool enough to be effective but not too cold to place directly on the skin and the lavender scent helps calm down baby (and mommy too).

Baby Cool and Calm

Simply Southern Couponers has had the opportunity to work with Baby Cool and Calm. I was able to pick the fabric I wanted for my cool pack, and I picked out the Pink Leopard with a black border. It didn’t take no time to receive my package with my custom cool pack, which is awesome considering it is made from scratch. As soon as I opened the package I already felt calm. The cool pack smells so good from having the organic dried lavender mixed in with the rice. I have used the cool pack pretty much everyday because it has so many unique uses. We have used it on bug bites, Aubreigh got tore up with mosquito’s one day and I put it on her and it helped with the itching and calmed her down at the same time. After coming in from working all day, my husband (yes he used our pink leopard cool pack he he) laid it over his face and said his body cooled off quicker than it would without the cool pack. I used it the other day for a headache, I laid it over my eyes and behind my neck and the coolness helped get rid of my headache, and calmed me at the same time. Aubreigh has also used it on her growing pains, she will ask me to put her pack in the freezer for a few minutes so she can put it on her legs when she goes to sleep at night. 


The Baby Cool and Calm is an amazing product for the entire family. It’s a must for everyone and on new mommy’s baby shower registries! 

The Custom Baby Cool and Calm is $24.65 or you can get a Cool and Calm with monogram for $30.06. To check out Baby Cool and Calm and to get your own cool pack head on over here.

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