Auric Blends was founded in 1993 in Northern California. They provide incense, perfume and specialty items to retailers across the county and the world.  Their products range from perfume oils, perfume solids, incense, candles, and soaps. Auric Blends brings a little something with each item you purchase. The fragrant candles create a warmth on a cold day; incense can bring a subtle aroma and aid in relaxation; perfume, well we ladies know what a perfume brings, it makes you feel strong, sexy, playful, or sensual, whatever your mood may be.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review the Incense in CoCo Mango, Roll-On Perfume in One Love and in Love, and a Solid Perfume in Ambrosia.  I love anything that smells good so I was very excited for this review. I was only expecting the one Solid Perfume, but Auric Blends sent me 3 more items to try out!


The Solid Perfume in Ambrosia was the one I picked out. I love fruity and classic perfumes. The solid perfumes are blended with exotic oil ingredients from all around the world, and are in a hand-carved soapstone container. It is a sweet and flirty fragrance with notes of black cherry and vanilla. I loved this smell and it was a very sweet and cherry smell once on me.


The Roll-On Perfume in One Love and in Love also smelt just as great as the Ambrosia. Love is the #2 best seller from Auric Blends. It’s a very subtle perfume inspired by the beauty of love. It contains elements of their #1 best seller, Egyptian Goddess, and White Amber. It is a very clean and light scent, almost like a floral arrangement. My husband thought I had on his favorite perfume, Romance by Ralph Lauren, and when I told him no, it was from Auric Blends he could not believe how great it smelled. One Love reminds me a lot of Ambrosia. It also, is a sweet and flirty fragrance with an undertone of vanilla and a top smell of black cherry.  It reminded of a jolly rancher. It is a very strong perfume but after a few hours of wearing it the cherry smell goes away and it fades into a vanilla smell that smells wonderful.


I have 2 girls, ages 4 and soon to be 3. I stay at home with them all day. I enjoy any minute I get to myself, but after a day of “Mommy she looked at me, Mommy she touched me, Mommy she did this”, it gets hard to relax after such a stressing day. I am sitting here writing this review while burning the Incense in CoCo Mango. I love anything mango or anything that is a tropical smell. The CoCo Mango is a tropical blend perfect for summer with a sweet coconut and an exotic mango. The smells come together to form the most relaxing scent, making me imagine I am sitting on the beach, all by myself (I think that is every mothers fantasy).

To check out all the products from Auric Blends, click here. They also have Sample Packs you can purchase to try out a lot of their scents for a fraction of the cost.

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