With Christmas closing in us at an alarming rate I bet your gift buying panic has finally set in. It’s usually right about this time of year, right before Thanksgiving, that I notice the increased number of harried looking shoppers in Target, Walmart and the local malls. I notice them while standing in lines that have stood still for 20 minutes or more, while listening to the shoppers ahead of me grumble about this item or that one that wasn’t in stock and I notice them when I drive around for an hour in a jam packed parking lot looking for an elusive parking space. Everyone and I do mean everyone is out looking for the perfect last minute gift(s).

Avoid the hassle this year, stay home on the couch wrapped up in warm blankets and have a cup of Hot Cocoa while you shop Voxx Electronics for all of your tech needs this Christmas. Purchases like the 7″ Audiovox Android Tablet, are sure to put a smile on your families face!


Item specs:

  • 8GB of memory
  • Dual-Core, 1.5 GHz
  • RAM DDR3 1G
  • 2 Front Facing Speakers
  • Touch Screen
  • Camera 0.3MP Front and Rear 2.0MP
  • Certified Google Play
  • Microphone
  • Resolution 1024×600

The Audiovox T752 runs on a 4.1 Jellybean OS and comes with two front facing speakers that make user listening easier and clearer than ever. Games like Hayday and apps like Netflix and Pandora are going to sound great.

Reading small print and zeroing in on fine details is enhanced with the 5 point touch screen makes checking email and reading ebooks/kindle books a snap. No need to squint and strain your eyes this year.


With an 8GB storage capacity this Android tablet is also a great starter tablet for your little gamer. Of course, with an expandable memory capacity of 32GB there’s sure to be room for everyone in the family to have their own user profile. Just pop a MicroSD Card into the appropriate slot and store away. I love being able to read books, browse the web, play games online without every having to crack open my laptop. Everything I love doing on my laptop I can do from this tablet. 


Whether you’re snuggling up for at home use or for on the go this Android Tablet is perfect for any last minute gift for your family. Did I mention that it comes with build-in Wifi? Order yours today and you’ll win the best gift award, no contest.

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