I love perfumes and smelly lotions, one of my favorite stores is Bath and Body Works. I put lotion on daily and usually perfume daily too, but I hate wearing the same perfume day after day. A lot of the cheaper perfumes do not last as long as the more expensive ones, which turns into a very expensive “hobby”. I could not have been happier when we had the opportunity to work with Aroma Delights.

Kelly Walker founded Aroma Delights back in 2008 when she wanted to find a simpler and safer way to scented candles. Her oils are all homemade and do not contain any alcohol or cheap additives. At Aroma Delights you can purchase Oil Warmers, Scented Oils, Bottle Holders, Body Sprays and more. 

Body Sprays

I received 5 of the Body Sprays in Silk, Summer Rain, Candy Girl, Erotic and Sensual Delight. I was so excited when I received this, help feed my perfume addiction. I first tried the Silk Body Spray. I noticed when I sprayed it on it was already drying and I kept waiting on it to be sticky or feel greasy and it didn’t. The Silk smelled like a very fresh and powder blend with a hint of flowers, something that would go great after a shower. The Summer Rain Body Spray smells just like the name. A cool summer rainy day sitting on the porch enjoying an apple (yes you can smell apple, it smells very good). The Candy Girl Body Spray was Aubreigh’s favorite. It smells exactly like cotton candy with what smells like a vanilla undertone to it. My favorite was the Erotic Body Spray, it even smells sexy. I love the wood like smelling perfume and the Erotic Body Spray smells like a wood musk paired with yummy fruits. The Sensual Delight Body Spray was my second favorite. It smelled of vanilla and flowers (very magnolia smelling).  The scent lasted a very long time too. I put some on around 4:00 PM and here it is 11:00 PM and I can still smell it. I was worried it was going to be very strong, because a lot of the homemade fragrances are but it was just strong enough. 

Aroma Delights

If you want to purchase your own set of body sprays or to see what all is available at Aroma Delights, visit her here. She is running a special right now and each Body Spray is only $8.99 (regular price is $15.99) plus they are giving our viewers a special coupon code. Enter code 3729 at checkout to receive a “Buy 1 get 1 50% off” So you will only be paying $13.49. + Shipping. Act fast, this code expires 8/31/2013.

There are a few other specials going on, if you want to take advantage of them, please visit here.

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