Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the chance to work with Early Ink Press to review their products. Early Ink Press is an independent book press that specializes in children’s literature and was built on the belief that children’s literature is one of the most essential and special genre’s of literature available. If you stop to think about it long enough there are several books that you read as a child that you still remember today and might even still be reading to your own children.


I was sent the Arlo children’s book series to review. Written by Karisa Lowe and illustrated by Edmund Boey, the Arlo series follows Arlo the Elephant as he tackles hurtles of life that children can associate and connect with.


Arlo Goes to the Dentist was Karisa Lowes first book and after it’s publication in 2011 it went on to win Gold in the Children’s and Parenting categories of the 2011 Independent Book Awards. The book details Arlo’s first trip to the Dentist and goes on to detail how important regular visits to your dentist are for your oral hygiene.


Arlo and the Airplane was first released in December of 2012. It addresses Arlo’s first trip to the Airport as he prepares for his family vacation. It’s perfect to help quell your child’s fears about any upcoming trips they themselves might be soon taking on an airplane in the future.


Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market is the newest addition to the Arlo series and was released this past year in January. It’s great for helping to encourage any picky eaters you might have to try new fruits and veggies while explaining the importance of trying new things.

When we received our books Eli was the first to say “mommy can we read these?”. I love being able to read to the boys and especially find books that keep their attention. We have been reading Arlo every night before bed. The pictures are very colorful and my oldest has even started reading this collection to his brothers. 


With messages geared especially towards young children and the obstacles they face in every day situations, the Arlo series is a great one to start with your children to help comfort them during new developments in their routine. What could possibly be more comforting to a child than a fun, non-threatening Elephant who just so happens to be holding a toothbrush and getting ready for the same kind of appointment your child is gearing up for?

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Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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