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I have recently started decorating my house so when I had the chance to review something from American Frame I was so excited. American Frame has been around since back in the 1960’s when Ron Mickel opened up a hardware store in Toledo, OH. Along with the basics of what you would find in a hardware store, he also offered paint and garden products as well as custom picture framing services. Today American Frame is located in central Maumee, OH and are ready to help you find your perfect frame!


I found it very easy to make a frame. I had the option to upload a picture and have them frame it or they could send me everything to do it myself. I didn’t want to have to do it myself and possibly mess it up so I uploaded a picture. I didn’t know which picture I wanted so I made my own design. I picked out a basic Matte Black frame. They offer every color imaginable on a wood frame, as well as metal frames and you can shop my collection, color, or style. I was able to pick out every little detail I wanted with the frame.  I got to pick out if I wanted a Mat Board, if so what color and what cut I wanted. I picked no mat so the image I designed could fill the entire space. I then got to pick out the acrylics and the mounting board. I picked standard acrylic with a standard mounting board. When it was all done, My total was around $40 which included shipping. That is a great price considering it includes an 8×10 print as well as a 100% custom frame. I couldn’t wait for my frame to arrive and when it did I was so happy. It looks great in my living room and everyone who has come over has asked where I got such a pretty frame.


If you want to order your own custom frame from American Frame, head on over and visit them here.

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