Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Allett on a review of their KeepSafe RFID Original Wallet. The Allett company began in 1995 with the idea of making a wallet which is thin enough to sit on comfortably when placed in a back pocket. Their wallets are high quality and are manufactured in the United States.

The first thing that my husband noticed when taking this wallet out of its package was that it is taller than his typical wallet.

allett wallet size

He was concerned that this meant it would not fit comfortably in his pocket. After examining a pair of jeans, we found that not only will it fit in a rear pocket, but it also has a much thinner profile than a standard wallet.

allett wallet pocket

We took everything out of his current wallet and moved it to the Allett Wallet. It was amazing to compare the now completely full Allett to the empty standard wallet. While completely loaded with a driver’s license, credit cards, AAA card and cash, the Allett was considerably and noticeably thinner than the empty regular wallet!

allett wallet thin

The Allett KeepSafe RFID Original wallet is unique from the other wallets in the Allet Line in that it has a special protective layer which prevents RFID cards from being externally scanned through it. Many credit cards currently have RFID chips imbedded in them. This allows you to be able to pass them in front of an RFID reader for a quick pay option. However, this also leaves you vulnerable to your cards being scanned by unauthorized readers while contained within your purse or wallet. This is a particular concern for those who travel, both domestically and internationally.

I wanted to test the effectiveness of the RFID blocking material in this wallet, so I used an RFID reader. This particular device has a light on it which is red by default and turns green when an RFID card passes in front of it. When the light is green, it means the card can be read, indicating information is being transferred from the card to the reader.

rfid reader red

The light is red. No RFID chip is in range or readable.

I first used a card alone to demonstrate the reader accessing the information on the card and turning green.

rfid reader green

The light is green. The RFID reader is able to access data stored on this card.

I then tried this in a standard wallet to determine if this truly is an area of concern. I tried it both open and closed and found that the reader was able to scan the RFID card with no problem.

rfid reader wallet

The light is green. The reader is able to access data stored on this RFID card through the wallet.

I then used the Allett KeepSafe wallet. I tried the card in several positions with the wallet open and closed and was not able to get the RFID reader to scan the card. Even in an open position, the card could not be scanned from the front or the back.

allett wallet RFID

The light is red. The reader is not able to access information on this card inside the Allett wallet even though it is in close proximity to the reader.

There are many great features about this KeepSafe RFID Original wallet from Allett. It is made of a combination of high quality leather and RFID blocking material, it is thin and almost unnoticeable in the rear pocket, it can hold more than you think, and it is very secure for transporting RFID cards. If RFID skimming is a concern for you, you should consider purchasing this wallet from Allett. This would make a great gift for men, especially those who are often traveling! You can protect your family from unauthorized RFID scanning with the KeepSafe from Allett! To protect the frequent flier in your family, visit Allett here.

Allett Wallet

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