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Allens Vegetables is a family-owned business founded in 1926 by Earl Allen. He started this company to help survive The Great Depression and many severe droughts of the 1930s. Allens is set out to feed the world through great-tasting, affordable and high quality vegetables.


I received Allens Cut Italian Green Beans. This is the only brand of green beans I will use. Living in the south, bacon is a staple of every meal. I start out by frying up about 3 or 4 pieces of bacon, leaving the grease in there I take and pour the drained can of green beans over it, add a little butter,  and wait around 10 minutes for them to be done. I love these green beans and so does my family. Whenever we have a get together everyone always requests my Southern Green Beans.


Rudolph Foods was founded in 1955 by John Rudolph. He quickly launched his business only to find out 2 years later, the meat industry no longer smoked the rind on the bacon. John’s wife, Mary, put her home economics background to work and invented the process that the company still uses today.

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I received the Cheesy Jalapeno Curls and the Original Pork Rinds. I can eat a whole bag of pork rinds in one sitting, so of course the Original was my favorite. My husband likes things a little on the spicy side so he loved the Cheesy Jalapeno Curls the best. The New Cheesy Jalapeno Curls are a perfect snack and satisfy your springtime cravings. Both of them still tasted great and didn’t last a day in my house.

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Bil-Jac was founded back in 1947 by a pair of brothers serving in World War II. The tested and developed a vacuum-drying process by which moisture could be driven from the meat products without losing the nutritional value of the meat. Their goal is not to be the largest pet food manufacturer out there. Their goal has been, and will always be, to do the best job we can for dogs.


I received the Original Recipe Dog treats– Made with fresh chicken liver, and Little Gooberlicious soft treats for dogs – Made with real peanut butter. The original treats are made with real liver, and all dogs agree they are delicious and perfect. The gooberlicious are delicious and nutty treats made with real peanut butter. Of course I didn’t try them, but LuLu gave them 2 paws up!

Owning a pet is not as easy as it seems. Here are a few tips on being a responsible pet owner.

  • Pick a Pet that fits your lifestyle. If you live in a little apartment or don’t walk a lot, then you probably shouldn’t get a very active dog. If you are always running, or have a huge yard, then maybe a small dog is not for you.
  • Pet Proof your house. Just like kids, dogs and cats can get into things that will harm them.
  • Spay and Neuter your pet. This is the number one thing (and the best) you can do for you pet.
  • Always keep an UPDATED tag on your pet. It is also a great idea to get your pet microchipped.
  • Give him the exercise he needs. A lot of dogs are very highly active and they need to be able to stay fit and release the energy that is built up inside of them. When they don’t get the exercise they need that is when the negative behavior starts.
  • Give him some sort of obedience training. Not only will you be happy you did this, but your pet will be too.

 It is also a good idea to know a few first aid tips for your pet.

  • First Aid Supplies:  Phone numbers for your Vet, Gauze, Nonstick bandages, Adhesive tape, Milk of Magnesia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Digital Thermometer, Eye Dropper, Muzzle, and a Leash.
  • Be catious when handling your injured pet. Never assume that he will not bite or scratch. Fear and pain can make even the gentlest animal dangerous.
  • Perform any examinations slowly and gently to make sure your pet does not become stressed.
  • If your pet’s skin or eyes are exposed to toxic products, check the label for the instructions for people exposed to the product, and perform that on your pet.
  • If you notice your pet is chocking, be careful. Because they are in a panic they are more likely to bite. If you can see the object, take a pair of pliers or tweezers and carefully try to remove.
  • NEVER leave your pet in the car on warm days. The temperature inside a car rises very quickly to very dangerous levels.

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