Simply Southern Couponers had the wonderful opportunity to review an item from offers a wide range of air mattress from major brands at the lowest prices found anywhere. Greg and I have been looking for an air mattress we could use not only at home but also at our campsite on the creek and when we have guest such as my parents or my nieces. Even though we have a four bedroom, four bath home when my nieces spend the night sometimes they want to sleep in our boys room so they can watch T.V. and play but end up sleeping on the floor because we do not have a bed to fit in there for them to sleep on. When I received the opportunity to work with I was to excited because now we would have a bed that is movable and can easily be put together.  I received Fox Airbed Signature Memory Foam Queen Air Mattress with Remote. I have only slept on a hand full of air mattress before and none have been anything close to the one I have now.

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Included in our package was a fitted sheet, bed skirt, protective bottom cover, 1 inch memory foam pad, built in pump, remote control, travel bag, deluxe repair kit and instructions. As I began to lay everything out I wanted to go ahead and  wash the fitted sheet and bed skirt first, so I put it in the washer on a warm cycle and immediately took out of the dryer when it was ready to avoid wrinkles. Greg began to pump up the air mattress using our remote control pump that took about two minutes. We only pumped it up about 70% then added the fitted sheet and bed skirt that easily zipped up then finished pumping to 100%.  It took me longer to put the fitted sheet and bed skirt on than it did pumping the air mattress. We were all fascinated at how quickly the air mattress was pumped up and ready to sleep on. 

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The boys have been wanting to sleep on the new air mattress since we pumped it up but right now will only let them lay on it because it sits up high like a regular bed and think they will want to play on it instead of sleep. Greg is not one to adjust quickly to new mattresses and doesn’t sleep well at night anyway, but since trying our new Fox Signature Memory Foam Queen Air Mattress he has been sleeping better and not getting up as many times at night.  We are really enjoying this new air mattress especially the memory foam. We have never slept on a memory foam bed before so we really have nothing to compare it to but this memory foam air mattress sleeps feels just like a regular bed but is more comfortable, portable and pumps up and ready to sleep in just a few minutes. With the remote control you are able to inflate or deflate the air in the mattress to your comfort. It is recommended that you do not try to deflate the entire bed with the remote as it is not quick enough to release but to use the valve located on the foot of the air mattress for quick release. It folds up just like any other air mattress and can be easily stored in the travel bag that is included in your package. We have not folded our mattress up yet as we are still using but see no problem in the fold up process.  If you are looking for a comfortable air mattress that can easily replace your own bed look no further. 

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