Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Matilda Jane Clothing to review one of their children’s clothing items. Matilda Jane Clothing was created out of a desire to design an “unpredictable clothing company.” The designer and founder started by attending art fairs in the Midwest and became so successful that she decided to move to a trunk keeper model, which they still maintain today. I reviewed a child’s outfit, but if you love these unique and unpredictable designs yourself, you are in luck! Matilda Jane Clothing is whimsical, fresh, and playful but they have something for girls of all ages from infants to adults!

Matilda Jane logo

Opening the package was nothing short of the peak of anticipation. Wrapped in a dark brown tissue paper, it has a feel of opening a gift to yourself! Next I was presented with a green mesh bag which showed just a hint of the fabric waiting underneath. What a fun way to receive and open this Matilda Jane Clothing item!

Matilda Jane packaging

After extracting the clothing, what I immediately noticed was that this was not a standard run of the mill little girl’s outfit. It is evident that someone spent time, love, and artistic talent designing this romper and all of the Matilda Jane Clothing articles. Unlike many clothing items, it is not made from a single print, but a variety of prints which complement or contrast with each other were chosen to beautifully come together in this romper.

Let’s take a look at this particular piece from top to bottom. We will start with the shoulder straps which are made with an island style print which is obviously perfect for a summer theme and a warm day. These straps button in the back, which can be difficult to put on (depending on how she’s is positioned), but make it perfect to keep little ones from unbuttoning their clothes and taking them off. Why children do this is a mystery to me, especially when they look so stinking cute with them on! The only thing I wished was different about the straps is that they had another set of buttons to allow for growing.

Matilda Jane straps

Next up, or rather down, is the ruffle bib. The bib portion is made with a whimsical cherry print while the ruffle is composed of a strip of multi-colored stripes. This bib portion adds an additional touch of girlishness and sets Matilda Jane Clothing apart from run of the mill clothing companies.

Matilda Jane Bib

The body of the outfit itself is a cute shade of pink, sprinkled with fruits in yellows and blues. The back of the body also has the signature Matilda Jane label on it. I was actually out and about shopping and another mom complimented us saying, “Love your Matilda Jane!” After thanking her, I turned around and noticed her little girl was also sporting an adorable Matilda Jane!

At the base of the body is a wide band of elastic which gives this outfit a great fit. I love that it has room to stretch to accommodate a bulky diaper underneath. I don’t know what it is with clothing manufacturers, but a number of times we’ve had an outfit that was perfectly sized in every area, but couldn’t fit over the bum because of the diaper. Thank you Matilda Jane for acknowledging that babies wear diapers under their clothes!

Matilda Jane Label

My absolute favorite part of this outfit is the ruffles. I completely adore a ruffly bottom! I could not get enough of looking at her cute little bum decked out in a ruffly halo of cuteness.

Matilda Jane Ruffle

So if you are looking for something totally adorable, unique, fun and that has a great fit, you should check out Matilda Jane Clothing!

For more daring designs and “unpredictable” clothing follow Matilda Jane Clothing!

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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