Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of partnering with Kizmos for a review of some of their products. Kizmos is part of the Lifetime Brands family and focuses on creating kitchen products that are both fun and easy to use. Their products are colorful and aim to bring a smile to your face whenever you use them. These gadgets make great gifts for college students, party hosts, kids who want to get involved in the kitchen, and anyone who needs a splash of fun and color!


I had the opportunity to review two types of products by Kizmos: Milkshake Straws and Bag Clips. For anyone who has ever made that fish face, can’t-suck-a-whole-strawberry-through-a-straw syndrome, you absolutely must get these milkshake straws. In a comparison to other straws, none even come close to having the extra large diameter that these have!

kizmos straw size

Left to right: cocktail straw, standard straw, large gas station fountain soda straw, Kizmos Milkshake Straw

These are perfect for holiday parties if you plan to serve a thicker beverage. They would also make a great stocking stuffer for any college students for all of their “study breaks” after the library closes.

kizmos straw party

There is also a huge trend in smoothies right now and if you have a friend or family member who is wont to drink his/her calories, this would be a great gift.

kizmos straw holder

I personally love these straws to make a delicious Oreo shake. I just hate it when those crushed Oreo crumbs clog up my straw. Then you either end up having to suck it back out of the bottom of the straw or you end up with a graveyard of soggy cookie crumbs in the bottom of your glass after the rest of the shake is gone. This will never happen with the Kizmos Milkshake Straws. Well, if you put a whole Oreo in without crushing it, maybe. Chunks of ice, fruit, cookie, candy, and very thick beverages are no match for the Milkshake Straws!

kizmos straw package

The other items I received for review are a variety of the Kizmos Klips. Everyone has seen the standard bag clips. They are usually white, though sometimes they come in different colors. None of those can compare to the awesome Kizmos Klips, which I truly love. From small for your little bags, to large for bigger bags, the Kizmos Klips are not only cute but sturdy enough to handle any size bag. There are so many different patterns and colors, there is sure to be one to fit your personality. My favorite of all are the shaped clips. These clips are not the standard rectangles, but are actually shaped like different animals (birds and butterflies).

kizmos klips bags

Some of the Klips also have a magnet on them, which makes them great on the fridge or to hold papers stuck to a filing cabinet at work. You can brighten up your kitchen or your office with these clips. These would also make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who you think needs to give up on the rubber bands/paper clips/clothes pins/boring white clips. I can’t say enough how good these clips look!

kizmos klips fridge

Kizmos Klip versus plain boring clip

To get your Milkshake Straws visit Amazon here and to pick up some Kizmos Klips, check out Amazon here. To see what other adorable gadgets Kizmos has created to brighten up your cooking, take a look at the Amazon listing here.

To learn more about Kizmos and their fun line of products, follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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