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Comfort when it comes to shoes is extremely important. ABEO Footwear has great comfort with their plush cozy feel and their 3D fit comfort for women. The ABEO B.I.O.system® Halifax moccasin has built-in orthotics that are custom fit to your foot contours. Slipping into a great pair of comfortable shoes is one of the best feelings, and the Halifax is one that can be used as an indoor or outdoor slipper.


The soft suede upper and sheepskin lining make the Halifax feel and look amazing. The ABEO B.I.O.system footwear that the Halifax has is meant to fit your arch so that you have increased stability, even weight distribution, reduced foot fatigue and your joints feel better from less shock and stress being on them.


A little back story about the brand of ABEO is that Andrew Feshbach was on vacation in Turkey and was exploring the ancient Greek and Roman ruins. He absolutely hated how uncomfortable his feet were while he was trying to explore. The sandals that he had with him were just not cutting it. The did not have the support that he needed for a full day of being out and about. Andrew has over 25 years in the footwear and apparel industry and was set on finding the answer for all day support like activewear gives with orthotics, but something that was not as hot and constrictive as tennis shoes.

BIO system's built-in orthotics

Andrew came up with a shoe to solve his problems on his way back home to California. In 2010, ABEO B.I.O.system sandals were launched with instant success. B.I.O.system technology, or footwear with built-in orthotics was born. Each of the shoes would match an arch type so that they would fit the customer perfectly. Over the years the 3-dimensional approach to making a comfortable shoe has grown and today ABEO biomechanical footwear has multiple collections: B.I.O.system sandals and shoes, AEROsystem athletic performance shoes, SMARTsystem walking shoes, LiTe lightweight athletic shoes, and 3D orthotics.


There are tons of great features with the ABEO Halifax which include that the leather upper is actually breathable. A lot of leather uppers aren’t and this one is definitely different in that way that your foot doesn’t feel suffocated. The shearling lining wicks away moisture which helps keep your feet from sweating inside of the shoes like they can in others that have similar linings. We have talked about the B.I.O. system to give tons of support everywhere that you may possibly need. Probably the two features that are my favorite are that they slip on and off with ease and since they are hard soled can be used indoors and outdoors. There is nothing quite like being able to wear your favorite slipper style anywhere and everywhere you go!

There is a new style introduced each season but the feeling of ultimate comfort, improved mobility and better health and wellness through support of the feet remain the same.


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*Life of a Southern Mom receive a sample in exchange for an honest review. I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.*


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