Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review ABCmouse’s online learning program. ABCmouse is a monthly subscription program that has no advertisements or pop-ups for children who want learn and explore on their own or with their parents in a safe and secure online educational environment. It’s recommended for children ages 2-6 from Preschool- Kindergarten. I have been looking for a program I could use with Eli who is three when my other two boys start school. I wanted him to get the feel of learning and doing different activities. When the boys kept seeing the commercials of ABCmouse on T.V. I decided to head over to their website and check it out. I sat Eli down and let him watch as I browsed around to see if he took an interest to it. I noticed that my other two Andrew and Ty could also do this even though they would be attending school soon. Eli said mommy “I go to school”, I told him if he likes this then we will give it a try. I sent a email to the company to see if I could do a review of this and I immediately got a “yes”. They emailed me a one-year membership code. The boys and I were so excited.

ABC Homepage(Homepage) I love the layout with everything you need right in front of you.

 Signing up was very easy and only took a few minutes.The boys were able to create their very own avatar to look like them which they thought was very neat. After I got each one of their pages set up with their information we browsed around to see what all they could do. ABCmouse recommends their Step-by-Step Learning Path which is a pre-planned series of lessons designed by early childhood learning experts that will guide you and your child through all of the educational activities. The Learning Path presents learning activities in more than 15 fun environments, and the activities become more and more advanced as your child moves along.They have over 450 lesson plans and thousands of learning activities.They can learn Reading, Math, World Around Us, Music, Art and Colors that each have many different activities that they can complete such as farm, zoo, puzzles, books, and more. There is also a Parent Section to guide you through this learning adventure with your child. It has a Lesson Plan builder, Curriculum Overview, your child’s progress and so much more. 

Classroom (Classroom) Your child can click on each of these items in the classroom and learn about them. There are so many things to choose from to do in the classroom from lessons, games, fun activities and more. As you can see on the right hand side is your childs progress chart. 

fish tank

(Aquarium) Each of them can choose a item for their classrooms fish aquariums and hamsters cages.The aquariums and hamsters teach them responsibility in taking care of their animals by watering and feeding them. They can also earn tickets for completing activities which they can buy things for their animals like for the hamster more tunnels, more hamsters and the aquariums more fish, decor for their tanks and avatar items.

Lesson Page 1

 (Lessons) The boys were able to choose which lessons they wanted to do. 

As a parent to three small children who will be getting ready to start school soon it’s my job to make sure they are learning new things and teaching them about their surroundings. With ABCmouse it gives them a chance to work independently at their own pace but also have fun while learning. I am very impressed at how the boys took to ABCmouse and the things it teaches them. We have been using this program for almost a month and the boys are learning so much. If you are looking for a program for your child to help his or her learning or wanting to learn I recommend ABCmouse to anyone. 

You can try for free for one month. After your one month its one low price of $7.95 a month or $79.00 a year.

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