9 Cocktails to Make for New Years Eve finalAre you hosting a New Years Eve party this year? If you answered yes, you are in luck! I have found a handful of awesome recipes that your party guests are going to love! These drinks are sure to make your party a huge hit with unforgettable beverages!

Green Apple Martini
Cranberry Rum Punch
Grown Up Mocha Leches Shake
Cranberry Wine Hibiscus Mint Cocktail
Raspberry Strawberry Mimosa
Blue Sparkling Star Cocktail
Peppermint Cookietini
Cocoa Snickerdoodle Rumchata Martini
Pomegranate Orange Sangria

Which of these 9 Cocktails to Make for New Years Eve do you think you will whip up first? I think the Green Apple Martini and the Cocoa Snickerdoodle Rumchata Martini will be the biggest hits at my party! If you have a go to cocktail recipe I would love to hear about it! From my family to yours Have a festive, fun and safe New Years Eve!

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