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Despite being the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s day is not recognized as a federal holiday, leaving many to go to work or school when they really want to be with their loved one. But there is a bright side, there are many small paleo valentine’s treats that you can easily slip into the lunchbox of your child or the briefcase of your spouse. This is a great way to keep the magic of Valentine’s day alive while you are waiting to see each other at the end of the day.

For instance, you could make your family’s favorite cookies. Cookies are a great small Valentine’s day treat because they are not messy, they are small, and they are very easy to prepare. Best of all, cookies are one of the most durable treats because they don’t melt, they don’t spoil, and they don’t come apart easily. Other small paleo treats include fruit roll ups, chocolates, and cake pops.

Creating a small sweet Valentine’s day lunch is another fun, portable paleo treat for your loved one. To make your loved one feel extra special, try filling the lunch box with foods they don’t get to eat every day.

Here are a few:

Apples with caramel dipping sauce
Buffalo chicken poppers
Cauliflower rice sushi rolls with dipping sauce
Heart Shaped fruits
Heart Shaped Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Chocolate candies
Fruit Roll ups

Ham and cheese sandwich _ Toast


Consider buying your loved one a special lunch box that they can use time and time again. The Bento boxes are durable, long lasting, and easily keep all of your foods separate.
If you are looking for Valentine’s day treats specifically for your valentine, think about giving them foods that are considered a bit more on the romantic side. Things like heart shaped sandwiches made with paleo bread, bacon roses, or steak drizzled with a red sauce are a great way to share a romantic gesture with your loved one. bento

If you and your loved one have to spend part of Valentine’s day apart, consider sending them off with a portable Valentine’s day treat. Imagine their surprise when they open up their lunch box or brief case to discover that you are thinking about them. Remember, your treat doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top, just something small that lets those most important to you know that you are thinking about them.

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