How to Get the Kids off the Couch

With smartphones, tablets, and computers at our children’s fingertips, they’ve become more inactive than ever. In the era of technological accessibility, their idea of fun is watching TV for hours, playing with their phones and losing themselves in their virtual realities. Not only does this affect their health, it also has a negative impact on their general development. Thus, an important task lies before us parents – we need to make our kids get off the couch. However, instead of just forcing your kids to get moving, here’s how you can inspire them to do so.

Girls swimming in the pool and having fun

Plan fun family trips and outings

If your kids never leave your house except when they have to, you should take them on fun family trips and outings. Do they love animals? Take them to the zoo where they can see them in person rather than online. A picnic in the park is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, while hiking will reveal the beauties of nature to your kids. If you live by the sea, help your children discover the endless fun of sand castles, snorkeling, diving, and kite-flying.

Create a fun zone in your home

There are days when it’s a hundred degrees outside or it’s raining cats and dogs, so you can’t really leave the house. Don’t worry, there are other ways to inspire your kids to get off the couch and forget all about their phones. You should create a fun zone in your home that they won’t be able to resist. Whether it’s an arts and crafts corner, a blackboard wall or a small pool filled with sand, it’s important to find something that will engage them.

The family gets a pet dog

Get them a dog

Every kid wants a pet, so give one to your children. If you want to get your kids moving, a dog will help you achieve that. These goofy creatures are always running around, discovering the world around them and they will inspire your kids to do the same. There’s actually plenty of benefits of children growing up with pets and increased activity is just one of them. By entrusting them with the important task of taking care of their pets, you’ll help your kids become more responsible, which is another important task that parents have.

Listen to their interests

You may spend hours on developing a perfect game for your kids only to realize that they find it boring. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you focus on their interests and use them as inspiration for creating fun games and activities. Your kids love music? Design a music wall in your backyard using old pots, pans, wind chimes and everything else you can think of. Do they enjoy playing a certain video game? Try to transform it into a live version that they can play at home.

Make exercising fun

If you present exercising as something boring that your kids simply must do, they will see it as a duty and try to skip it whenever possible. Instead, you should make exercising fun, by turning it into a game or competition. In addition, you can track your kids’ progress – how many games they have won, their best times, miles covered, etc. You can even introduce rewards as incentives!

Boy on a skateboard skateboarding

Introduce them to skateboarding

Skateboarding is an infinitely fun activity that has always been popular among kids. However, skateboarding isn’t only about fun. It actually offers plenty of benefits and there’s even a program called Get on Board designed to empower kids with autism through skateboarding. You can even make it more fun by getting your kids interesting skateboards. For example, if your son loves the Simpsons, you can get a cool Bart Simpson skateboard for your little mischievous boy, while for your daughter, you can get a colorful one. There’s no way they can resist them!

Inspiring your kids to get moving is important both for their health and the development of their imagination and social and cognitive skills. So, just make it fun and they will forget about their phones.

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