Can “back to school” be happening in just a few short weeks? My family is busy prepping but to keep this part of life from getting hectic, there are some tips we follow to purchase and organize our kid’s back to school wardrobe.

#1. Know What You Need

Making a list is one of the best things you can do for purchasing the items that your child needs for back to school. Some people buy their children’s back to school wardrobe when seasons are changing in and out at department stores (this is a great way to save money). Perhaps your child will need a winter coat in just a few short months and you can get it really cheap NOW, well go ahead and stock up while the prices are super cheap. The best advice is to just not go overboard.

#2. Keep it Minimal

If there’s one thing that contributes to disorganization it’s TOO MUCH STUFF. Keep what your child “needs” and “wants” down to a minimum. They don’t need 20 shirts and 20 pairs of shorts, they will be just fine. Keeping it minimal helps you stay on budget and organized.

#3. Create Easy Rules

If your kid hasn’t destroyed their closet once or twice in their lifetime, you are doing well. Creating firm, but easy rules will help your child’s closet stay organized. Let them know what they are and are not allowed to get into. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more annoying than a closet that gets disassembled on a daily basis.

#4. Keep Things Organized

Writing down a checklist is a brilliant way to keep track of what you have already bought and to keep things organized that way. What if you can’t remember if you bought your son a pair of school shoes? Also, it’s imperative to keep things organized once you do buy them. Storing everything in your trunk will only keep you from knowing what you bought later down the road.

#5. Create an Online Wish list

This is something I wish I had done many years ago. Since purchasing and organizing can be so overwhelming when it comes to back to school, create a wish list. A wish list can help you know what you need to buy and after it’s bought, you can cross it off the list. Plus, you can always go back in and see what you have bought previously. Amazon is a great place for “wish lists.”

What is one thing you do to organize your child’s wardrobe?

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