Family meal planning and preparation probably aren’t on your top ten list of fun things to do. It’s time-consuming, distracting, and often difficult because of other things simultaneously going on around your house. Not to mention the fact that certain family members always tend to be picky about foods, flavors, and taste combinations.

But, there are kitchen gadgets that you can get to help alleviate some of the planning and preparation stress, including water ovens, food dehydrators, food processors, bread makers, and pressure cookers. Each of these appliances has a way to make meal plans or prep work a bit more efficient for you as the head of a household, while also maintaining a variety of interesting recipes at your disposal.

Water Ovens

One often-overlooked appliance that can help with family cooking is the sous vide water oven. By cooking in water with a sealed container around the food in question, you can achieve an incredible consistency with your cooking, and it doesn’t need you to hover over it as well. The results will impress your family, and you can use the potential of the appliance to schedule out your meal preparation time as well.

Food Dehydrators

It takes a bit of forethought, but if you buy a food dehydrator, you can have healthy snacks available for your family at all times, for much less money than it would take to buy similar snacks from the grocery store. Other benefits include that fact that dehydrated food lasts much longer without going bad, which means you can prep your meals for longer in advance, saving you time in that process as well.

Food Processors

If it feels like it’s taking your forever to chop all your vegetables up for family meals, you’re not alone. And that is why choosing a good food processor will make a ton of recipes come together far more efficiently. Learn how the settings work, and you’ll cut your time by hours for every major meal. It’s hard to argue with that!

Bread Makers

Bread makers are another essential for good family meal planning. You don’t have to rely on the store for flavors or textures anymore, and with some practice, you’ll never have any bread that goes bad anymore either. With the right combination of appliance and planning technique, this is a huge positive to have in your kitchen.

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers allow you to make incredible meals without zero attention paid to them. Put in the ingredients, set the time, and you’re good to go. Soups and stews as part of your overall family meal planning are always a hit, and you can have gourmet flavored chili that’s readily available as well when you find a recipe your household agrees on.

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