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After Halloween is over, you might have some leftover candy from handing it out to neighborhood kids, or candy leftover from your kids’ trick-or-treat bags. To avoid eating it all yourself, follow these tips for easy ways to get rid of the candy.

Save it For the Next Holiday

One way you can get rid of your Halloween candy is by saving it for the next holiday. There are a lot of different types of candy given out or purchased during this holiday that isn’t necessarily themed specifically for Halloween. For example, your kids might have been given quite a few of bite-sized chocolate candies, but they don’t have ghosts or pumpkins printed on them. You can easily put these away and save them to put out during Thanksgiving as a little treat or put them in your kids’ Christmas stockings.

Find Another Use For it

If you don’t want to save the candy or some of it is themed to Halloween, then you can try to find another use for it right now. Sure, you might not want to sit there and eat all the candy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make treats that others might enjoy. For example, you can melt the chocolate to add a little flavoring to your coffee in the morning or you can crush candy to make ice cream toppings. This allows you to use the candy for a treat, but not completely over indulge and eat it all in a short period of time.

Get Involved in a Buy Back Program

Believe it or not, there are buy-back programs for all that candy! These programs are often available in the holidays between Halloween and Christmas. The programs are meant to send the candy to people in need, such as children that don’t get treats or to programs like Operation Gratitude, which sends gifts to military members that are overseas. Not only are you getting rid of the candy, but you might even make a little money back for it.

Use the Candy For Decorations

Also, consider whether or not your Halloween candy can be used for decorations in some way. For example, you can take apart the M&M bags of candy, put the candy in mason jars, then save it for next Halloween or even Thanksgiving of this year. The colors of Halloween M&Ms are usually yellow, orange and red, so they work great for all the fall seasons. Putting these candies in jars provide a simple and inexpensive décor option.

Do you know of some other ways to get rid of your Halloween candy? Share with us in the comment below.

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