4 Helpful Tips To Speed Up Cleaning Up After Dinner!

4 Helpful Tips

Cooking dinner can be very time consuming, but the cleaning up after dinner takes forever! Here are a few helpful tips that have shortened my cleanup time considerably. 

~ Plan Ahead – If I am cooking something that has to be baked or broiled, I plan my side item to be something that can be cooked in the same pan as the dish being put into the oven. Just a quick was and its ready for use. Makes one less pot/pan to clean. 

Foil Lined

~ If it goes in the oven, line it.  Yes, that may be a little time consuming and you go through aluminium foil very quick, but instead of having to later soak the pan and scrub for many minutes, line the pan with aluminum foil and when your done just throw it away and the pan is ready for the dishwasher. 


~ Keep all utensils and measuring cup in a bowl. While cooking I keep out a measuring cup, Spoon or Fork, and a cooking utensil in a medium sized mixing bowl. Instead of using them once and throwing them in the sink just to get a new one a few seconds later, I just wash it with water and stick it back in the bowl until I’m done with it. That’s only 4 things to wash instead of a million of the annoying spoons and forks. 

100_0526 Dishwaser

~If you wont use it again, go ahead and wash it. While cooking dinner I keep a sink full of soapy water and my dishwasher open. If I am done with a pan or dish I go ahead and put it in the water, wipe it quick with rag and soap ad stick it in the dishwasher. It takes a few extra seconds, but it’s a lot easier and faster than letting it sit until after dinner and then have to let it soak then scrub it. 

Once dinner is done, all I have is 4 plates, 4 forks, and usually one pot/pan (thankfully my kids know to put their dishes in the water so all I have to do it stack it in the dishwasher) I use to spend all evening cleaning up the kitchen, but now I am done in under 10 minutes and can spend time with my family!

Got any helpful cleaning tips dealing with cooking? Leave us a comment, we love to hear from you. 


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