organic snacks for kids

If given the option, most moms would probably opt for organic. Who wouldn’t want food free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and hormones? 85% of parents say that the only reason they don’t buy organic is simply because of the price.

When you’re looking at something that is $5 for the regularly manufactured product, and nearly doubles the price for organic, the choice is really a no-brainer for a middle-class family without a disposable income.

Not all organic products have to break the bank, however. There are several products on the market of the organic variety that are only slightly more expensive than non-organic and sometimes even cheaper if you find them on sale.

Take a look at some of these organic snacks that you can grab at a reasonable price for your kids next time they’re hungry and you want them to have a wholesome organic option.

Squeezable Pouches

Squeezable purees like applesauce and vegetables come in various organic brands and can often be found for great sales prices. They make a great option for younger babies who have to eat on the go, but you don’t have time to throw on a bib and pull out a jar.

They are great for older kids too as yogurt form. Try freezing them for an extra ice-creamy treat! They won’t even know it’s not ice cream, but actually organic yogurt! Score!


Fruits and vegetables are some of the most marked up items in the organic category. This is because of the amount of time and effort that goes into growing these products when companies would otherwise simply use pesticides.

Bananas are often found a bit cheaper than other organic fruits. Take a look at places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for sales prices. Sometimes the best deals are online, so make sure to check regularly with your online grocer!

Juice Boxes

The major grocery store chains are starting to catch on that parents prefer organic over harsh chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. Therefore, it’s becoming more mainstream for ordinary and traditional kids products like fruit snacks and boxed juice to come in organic options.

These are on sale frequently for very reasonable prices. Make sure to cruise the juice aisle and keep an eye out for when these are marked down!


Carrots are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and go great with a wide variety of things! From hummus to ranch sauce. Many kids refuse to eat any vegetables except carrots until they’re older. 

Organic baby carrots can be found for under $5 a bag in many grocery stores. They are great for after school activities, lunches, and even emergency dinners with a little bit of protein and whole grains.

Do you purchase organic snacks for your kids? 


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