25 Quick and Easy 30-Minute Meals

Do you ever have nights when you simply don’t have time to cook? Whether you get home from work late, your kids have activities they need you to drive them too, or you simply have a lot on your plate, there are plenty of times when you simply don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal.

Thankfully, there are tons of quick and easy meals you can make that don’t take long at all and that don’t require a trip through the drive thru. Here are 25 quick and easy 30-minute meals your family is sure to love!

1. Sausage and Noodles

2. Italian Skillet Eggs Recipe

3. Skillet Broccoli Parmesan Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta Recipe

4. Easy Vegetable Lo Mein Recipe

5. Cowboy Food Recipe

6. Rotini Beef Skillet Recipe – One Pot Cooking!

7. Tator Tot Casserole

8. Layered Taco Salad

9. Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

10. Easy Caribbean Tacos

11. Farmhouse BBQ Muffins Recipe

12. Quick BBQ Beef and Black Bean Chili Recipe

13. Southwest Chopped Salad With Mexi-Ranch Dressing

14. Creamy Broccoli and Chicken Pasta

15. Easy 20 Minute Sausage Cajun Pasta

16. Bob’s Red Wok Chili

17. One-Pot Parmesan Pasta

18. One Pan Chicken & Garlic Potatoes

19. Easy Asian Grilled Chicken Salads

20. Chicken, Tomato and Spinach One Pot Pasta Recipe

21. Hummus Crusted Chicken With Broccoli And Peppers

22. Chicken Quesadillas, Fresh Corn Relish And Watermelon Berry Salad

23. Weeknight Chicken with Spinach

24. Chili Dogs Recipe

25. Easy French Dip Sandwich Recipe

What meals do you love to make when you’re running short on time? Share in the comments below!

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