Do you realize how amazing you are when you cook? Cooking and baking is all about transforming one thing into another. To your child, you are a magician. That’s why they love to watch you in the kitchen. Teaching them how to cook teaches them so many life lessons it’s hard to imagine they would learn more from anything else. What other activity combines fine motor skills, reading, math, science, chemistry, and therapy all in one? I can’t think of anything else!

chocolate mousse pie

Photo Credit: “Chocolate Mousse Pie” by Courtney’s Sweets

After you realize how easy this chocolate pie is, it may very well become your weakness. Courtney’s Sweets transforms a no-cook pudding mix into a thick mousse that becomes the basis for her daughter’s favorite pie. Your child can make it their own by choosing their favorite cookies to crush for the crust. Oreos, graham cracker, peanut butter, or chocolate chip cookies would all add wonderful flavors to this mousse. If you have more than one child, go mini and let each child make their own crust. Let everyone taste test each other’s pie to see how changing one ingredient (the crust) changes the flavor. It’s a delicious lesson they won’t forget! Learn how to make this delicious dessert with your kids —–>HERE.

Carrot Cake

Photo Credit: “Super Rich Healthy Carrot Cake” by Eating Richly

Eating Richly is a blog that is very inspiring to those who really want to get their kids involved in cooking, but aren’t sure where to begin. She starts cooking with her kids as early as possible. Her daughter (pictured above) isn’t even two yet but she is all-in with her big brother making this yummy carrot cake! My kids were still watching from a high chair at that age, now I feel bad for not letting them crack those eggs sooner! They learn so much from this simple recipe, it’s unreal. Hand-eye coordination, hand strengthening, fine motor skills — now I know why Montessori teaching always includes cooking activities! Be inspired by Eating Richly and grab this great recipe —–>HERE.

Apple Peanut Butter Wrap

Photo Credit: “Crunchy Apple Peanut Butter Wrap” by Finding Zest

Independence is another great lesson children can learn in the kitchen. Consider rearranging your kitchen to be more kid-friendly so they can reach everything they need to make their own drinks, snacks, and simple meals like sandwiches or wraps. Finding Zest put a new spin on an old favorite that would be perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-meal snack. It is a peanut butter tortilla wrap with apples and granola. This is the perfect do-it-yourself meal for kids because they can easily spread the peanut butter and add their own toppings. The hardest part of this recipe is mastering how to fold the wrap. This is where you can help or let them fold it the way they want. Show your kids this recipe —–>HERE.

20 Recipes and Tips for Cooking with Kids in the Kitchen

kids in the kitchen

Looking for more ideas? Click on the links below to read the great recipes and tips from my blog friends. Don’t forget to tell them that you found their great tips and recipes at Southern Carolina Family!

  1. Homemade Whipped Cream by Courtney’s Sweets
  2. Crunchy Apple Peanut Butter Wrap by Finding Zest
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  4. Supernatural Fudge Brownies by Platter Talk
  5. Peanut Butter & Jelly Thumbprint Cookies by Mashup Mom
  6. Chocolate Torta by Platter Talk
  7. Healthy Peanut Butter Ball Bumble Bees by Eating Richly
  8. Double Chocolate Brownies by Coffee With us 3
  9. Chocolate Mousse Pie by Courtney’s Sweets
  10. Homemade French Toast Sticks by Finding Zest
  11. Granola Bar by Mini cooking
  12. Daniel Tiger Snack by Eating Richly
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  15. Gluten Free Waffle Cone by Fearless Dining
  16. Lion Vegetable Tray by Eating Richly
  17. TTri-ColorPasta Salad by Courtney’s Sweets
  18. Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Funnel Cakes by We’re Parents
  19. Black Bean & Rice Open-Faced Tacos by Simply Stacie
  20. Super Rich Healthy Carrot Cake by Eating Richly

Which recipe would you like to try first with your kids in the kitchen? 

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