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What does one do over Halloween? They eat candy of course! Just in case you needed something else to make around the Halloween holiday, these munchies are great. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or just need something to do with that leftover candy, these 20 recipes are great.

1. A Pumpkin and a Princess – Halloween Popcorn
2. Chocolate Covered Katie – Spooky Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats
3. Sugar Hero – Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes 
4. Sprinkle Bakes – Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake-Complete Tutorial 
5. Cookies and Cups – Halloween Truffles
6. 365ish Pins – Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats
7. Annie’s Noms – Double Chocolate Halloween Bark
8. A Bird and a Bean – DIY Halloween Vampire Bite Cupcakes 
9. The Comfort of Cooking – Spooky Spiderweb Cookies
10. The Kitchen McCabe – Poisoned Apple Cake Pops 
11. The Nerd’s Wife – Low Calorie Mad Scientist Potion
12. Divine Lifestyle – Spider Rice Krispies Treats Recipe
13. Sugar Hero – Pumpkin Patch Shortbread 
14. Cookies and Cups – Vampire Bat Cake 
15. Bake Your Day – Worms & Dirt Pudding Parfaits 
16. The Comfort of Cooking – Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts 
17. It’s Always Autumn – Easy Mini Donut Spiders
18. The Kitchen McCabe – Purple Candied Apples
19. The Nerd’s Wife – Easy Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops 
20. Frugal Mom Eh – Halloween Kitty Cookies 

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Halloween is our favorite time of the year! We love to dress up and make goodies. My boys love to trick or treat though, so I haven’t handed out candy in a while. Have fun this Halloween trick or treating and making these 20 delicious Halloween Munchies!

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