If you are looking for an innovative tent for your child, The Monster Factory has you covered. All children love to play within a tent, but what if the tent were something like the 1965 VW Camper Van? This is not your average everyday tent and will spark imagination in your little one. The Camper Van comes in blue, pink, yellow and red. This kids tent is a miniature version of the adult tent that The Monster Factory offers. The Monster Factory is all about offering the best of the VW Van for a camping experience unlike any other. They also make items such as toiletry bags, which is quite awesome.


The signature VW Camper Van will ring true with parents of their children who will love to watch what their kids can come up with playing in one of the replica tents that is miniature size. The Monster Factory was established in 1998 by Martin Grix and has originated, manufactured and sold unique and licensed products since then. Bringing the past into your lives with products that you may not ever be able to find again can be bring a sense of nostalgia and fun all at once. The VW Camper Van is just their newest addition and has opened up a whole new category for the company. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has UV protection, Fire Retardent and is Waterproof.


The VW Camper Van is something rare and can be cherished for years to come. A kids size tent is a great addition to a camping adventure where the children have their own space or they can just simply set it up in the yard and let the creative juices flow. A child’s imagination can be endless and giving life to it by introducing new and creative products is an unmatched feeling.


The tent is easily assembled with just a few easy steps and can be assembled in under 1 minute. Flip the tent open from the bag, and simply insert the supporting rods. You can take the tent down by yourself or you can take it down with the help of someone else. This video shows you just how easy it really is to put up. This tent can be used and stored easily no matter where your child wants to play or even camp with the tent.

As you can see that I had a little helper, my four year old wanted to help me assemble the tent, so it is very easy. The boys have really been really enjoying themselves. Ever since we put this tent together they have played in it each day. They have brought their pillows, blankets and games to enjoy while relaxing in the tent. My oldest asked me if he could sleep in it. So this is perfect for kids any age who loves to play and relax all in the same place. Our family highly recommends VW Camper Van tents for kids. Also, be sure to check out the adult size tents as well here on their website.

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