After 5+ years of changing diapers on a daily basis, I like to think I am an expert on the subject of diapering supplies. I have my favorites, brands I know and trust to use on my family every day. I have tried new brands, environmentally friendly brands, and even the cheap ones! Up until a few weeks ago I was pretty satisfied in saying that we were brand loyal when it came to our baby wipes. My daughter has very sensitive skin, and I felt like we were ar the point of not experimenting with our diapering needs.

Then we got to try a case of Bloom Baby Wipes for sensitive skin. I had never heard of this brand before, but I was not about to turn my nose up at a case of baby wipes! We use these things like they are going out of style. They are always on the shopping list, because we always need them! If you have small kids in your house, I am sure you know how handy a baby wipe is for wiping hands, faces, tushies and maybe even a random mess splattered on a wall at dinner…


Little did I know the first time I opened a pack of Bloom Baby Wipes that this would become my favorite brand of wipes, my go to brand for all things wipe related. Let me tell you what I love about Bloom Wipes and why I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a great baby wipe.

First, these really are gentle on sensitive skin. My 2 year old has such delicate skin that I get nervous about any new lotions, materials and fabrics coming in contact with her skin. It took me a few days of using them to wipe her hands before I was ready to use these on any other area of her body. When I did use them on her face she didn’t break out, which is great!

Second, these wipes are super sized, and they really are much bigger than other brands of wipes. For a mom on diaper duty getting more bang for your buck is important! A package of 80 count Bloom Wipes lasts us days longer than the old stand by brand we were using. That speaks volumes to my heart! Not only are the wipes several inches larger than the other brand, but there are more wipes in each pack.

Finally, Bloom Wipes are effective at cleaning ANY mess you might face with little ones. From naturally occurrences to your child chomping on a messy treat, Bloom Baby Wipes can handle the mess and then some, all while being gentle on the skin of your baby and offering a gentle touch to your wallet, thanks to the package size and the generous size of the wipes.

I decided to share an image of a regular wipe to Bloom Baby Wipes as you can see the difference in size. bloom1

I have been completely impressed with Bloom Baby Wipes for sentitive skin. You can get these at Sam’s for additional savings and easy purchasing! I will definitely continue to use this brand!

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*This blog received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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