There are a zillion great ways to make your backyard more fun for children and their friends, but here are some of the best and easiest methods to turn your valuable outdoor space into a fun zone for children that will encourage outdoor play, teamwork, fresh air and hopefully lots of laughs. There are a range of simple ideas here or ones that may need a little more DIY creativity depending on your space and budget but for more visit Star Walk Kids now >>> for more of the latest ideas too. 

1. Chalkboards

These can be free-standing or you can fix a large one onto the fence. Not only will it be great for scribbling messages and pictures it will stop kids chalking on the drive or patio and provide a special space that they can retreat to when they are tired of running around. 

2. Summer Tents

Summer tents or wigwams are great fun for kids and easy to put up. Choose from fun, cheap options with big cushions placed inside so that children can lounge about or shelter from the shade if it’s a very hot day. If you put a few tents next to each other they will love having their own little den along with friends and siblings. 

3. Swing

Always a favourite, and there are loads of variations on this theme nowadays. You could be creative and make one from an old wooden chair painted in bright colours, or hoist up a tyre swing if you are handy at DIY and wanting to do this on a budget. 

4. Beach Party!

This is a fun and easy idea as kids love to play in the sand. With a little imagination you can install a sandpit, add a paddling pool to one area, a canopy for shade and some colourful bunting, beach balls and buckets and spades. 

5. Musical Fence

Assuming you have tolerant neighbours you might want to create a music fence which means setting up special fence panel which can affix to your normal fence or wall You then fasten on a range of objects such as pans, pots, spoons and any other ideas for things that kids can bash out a tune on. 

backyard fun

6. Treehouse

If you have a bigger yard or garden with a tree or two you could fix up a treehouse as this is a perennial favourite and provides a great den for kids. It can be as basic as a low hanging shelf with wooden steps to something much more intricate! 

7. Water Circuit

Water is ideal for any number of fun games. Using 6 to 8 old plastic bottles, make holes in the sides and then affix them to the wall or fence to make a downwards water circuit, so that kids can pour in water and watch it make it’s way downwards into a cup or jug. 

8. Gardening Project

Try a fun gardening project using their old wellies or other unusual containers to plant flowers in objects such as their old wellies or unusual pots. If they look really good you can stick the wellies or other objects to a fence or wall as a colourful decoration. 

9. Climbing Wall

If you have enough room you could install a mini climbing wall so that kids can keep fit, get exercise and learn coordination skills all at the same time. 

10. Mini Clothes Line

Kids love copying parents – try rigging up a miniature clothesline and get some colourful pegs. Add a small plastic bowl with soapy water and let them wash and hang up their dolls clothes or other small items.

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