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When winter gives way to spring, can summer be far behind? The answer, obviously, is no. And with the balmy weather, you’ll want to be out and about with your family for some together time.

But heading off to the park, going to the beach, or having a picnic — while all lovely ideas — lack originality. What you really want is to do something different, and this requires some creative out-of-the-box thinking. In order to get your creative juices flowing, what follows are 10 unique outdoor family activities to do this summer — so that family time can really be a fun time.

Catch Fireflies: In what represents a nod to nostalgia, take the family out to catch some fireflies on a warm summer evening or night. Doing it properly is key since you’ll want to eventually release them. If you live in a state where there are lots of them around, you will no doubt see them light up when it gets darker. They can be found in tall grass, at the edges of streams, and in marshy regions. Use a net to capture them, put them in a clean container that has a lid with holes poked through so that the fireflies can breathe, and put a moistened piece of paper towel in the jar to keep the air inside the jar humid. Be sure not to keep the jarred fireflies for more than a few days.

Drive-Thru Movie: You probably have experience heading out to the movie theater with your family to catch the latest summer blockbuster, but how about changing things up a little bit by going to a drive-thru movie theater instead?. Drive-thru theaters are definitely not as popular as they once were, but they can give you the chance to spend time with family as you enjoy a show in vehicular comfort under the starlit night sky.

Plant a Garden: While planting a garden might not at first glance appear to be a unique outdoor family activity to do this summer, it actually represents a great way for your family to work together toward a common cause. From rototilling the garden plot to putting down the top soil, to planting whatever you desire, you can work as a team to develop the sort of garden that puts food on the table or that beautifies your property.

Treasure Hunting…Geocaching Style: Treasure hunts have been around for a while, but adding the geocaching aspect has modernized this traditional pastime. With geocaching, you and your family can look for caches, otherwise known as containers, filled with things that others have hidden. In order to find cache areas near where you live, take a look at Geocaching.com. After you’ve done this, you can use your smartphone — be sure to activate the GPS tracking feature — to seek out hidden items. In the interests of fair play, you should return the “treasures” after you’ve found them so that others can find them too.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Feeling adventurous? How about you and your family enjoy a hot air balloon ride. You and yours will get the chance to get airborne in a very real way that will give you an appreciation for the beauty all around you.

Pick & Bake: Do you and your family enjoy good old fashioned apple pie? The only thing that’ll make the experience better is if you and yours head over to one of those farms where you can pick your own produce. Head over, pick some apples or whatever fruit you like in your pie, and then work together as a family to whip up a mouth-watering dessert.

Hometown Tourist: It isn’t uncommon for people to take their hometown and the surrounding area for granted when it comes to sites and sounds. So why not conduct a bit of research to figure out what fun, overlooked activity options exist in your neck of the woods. Then head out with the family to explore like hometown tourists would.

Hot Potato Camera Game: If you’ve ever played the hot potato game, why not try a more modernized version of this game this summer? First, obtain a digital camera that has a timer. Set the timer so that it will, in a specified period of time, take a pic automatically. Sit with your family in a circle and take turns passing the camera from one person to another around the circle. The camera should be held as though you and the other members of your family are taking a selfie. Whoever is holding the camera when the camera snaps a pic will be eliminated from the game. Continue until there’s only one person standing!

Glow Lawn Bowling: Glow lawn bowling is one outdoor summer activity that your family will love. First off, it’s something you’ll want to do at night on the front or back lawn. First, fill up some plastic bottles with a mixture of water and food coloring — fill up enough to have a sufficient number of bowling pins. Next, use glow sticks to mark the boundaries of the bowling lane — and then take turns using an inflated ball as you would a bowling ball.

sack race

Burlap Sack Race: While burlap sack races have been done for generations, they represent a welcome nod to tradition. Divide the family into teams based on ages and physical abilities and take turns hopping towards the finish line.

So there you have it — 10 unique outdoor family activities to do this summer. Make the most of the family time during the warm weather season by trying one or more of these fun activities!

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