Is your child bugging you about a cell phone? Maybe they’ve asked time and time again. Well, unless you feel as though your child is old enough, you can simple say no. Here are 10 reasons why your child doesn’t need a cell phone just yet.

#1. Your child is too young.

There’s no reason to get your child a cell phone if they’re too young. That’s just silly. At least wait until they are old enough to know how to properly use it.

#2. They need to be a kid still.

Once you give your child a cell phone, you are giving them the okay to not be a kid anymore. They’ll spend more time on their cell phones and less time outdoors enjoying life.

#3. Privacy is still needed.

A cell phone allows your child to lose their privacy. Now people of all walks of life can contact them without you knowing it.

#4. They need accountability.

Your child isn’t an adult, they can’t fully see consequences of their actions. Once a cell phone is given out they need full accountability. Are you ready to provide that to them?

#5. Cyber bullying is a real thing.

Once a child has access to the internet via their phone, they can be a victim of cyberbullying. Kids from school and people they don’t even know will have a chance to bully them.

#6. They’ll become less social.

Kids who use cell phones become less social. They will want to be on their phones all of the time.

#7. They’ll be distracted

Kids who have cell phones are easily distracted. Allow them to keep their focus a little longer by delaying their distractions.

#8. Cell phones are big expense.

Is your child ready to pay for their own cell phone bill? If not, they aren’t ready for a cell phone. You don’t need the added expense to your monthly bills.

#9. Time is precious.

You have a short period of time with your child as it is anyways. Do you want them to spend all of their time on their phones? Be a little stingy with your child’s time and make them spend it with you!

#10. Not every child needs one.

Your child may give you the argument that “everyone else has one.” You can give them the argument that “not everyone needs one.”

When the time is right and your child is old enough to accept the responsibility of a cell phone, you can make the decision to bestow one upon them. But until then, don’t feel guilty about not providing one to them.

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